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Dear Immigrants: Stop Stealing Our Fish!

To stop Polish and Romanian immigrants from taking fish from rivers and lakes for their Christmas dinner, the UK Environmental Agency put up this pictographic warning:

To any peckish Poles or ravenous Romanians, the message could not be clearer.

Keep off our fish.

Three roadsign-style warnings were launched yesterday to stop Eastern European immigrants from spearing, taking home and cooking coarse fish from our rivers, lakes and canals.

The initiative is timely because carp and pike are a traditional Christmas dish in Poland and officials fear an increase in fish rustling over the next few weeks.


Ah of course, The Daily Mail.

The super right wing outrage rag.

More standard issue xenophobic jingistic crap.

The sign as far as I can see is a straight forward pictogram saying no poaching, it in no way targets Polish migrants in the UK, only the seething racism of the daily mail could whiop this up into immigrant hate.

This is also the paper that steadfastly denounced the economic migrants in the late 30's.

To you and me they were the Jewish refugees fleeing genocide , but to the DM they were filthy Yids coming to steal our money.

So make up your own mind regarding this story, but remember the calibre of the people reporting it.

This sort of stuff leaves me seething.

In the 40's they were our allies, who fought and died in their thousands fighting fascism.

My how the world turns
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Check out this link, re: similar issues in Peterborough, Ont., Canada, where residents have resorted to violence to put a stop to fish poachers.
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I don't see how it's a racist article.

Fish is a traditional Christmas food in Eastern Europe. Whoever put up the signs is afraid that there might be an increase in people fishing for their Christmas dinner, either because they don't know about the rule or they pretend they don't.

Obviously there aren't going to be many non-immigrants fishing because it's not really something they eat at Christmas.
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A tangentially related story: There's a park with a Japanese garden near where I used to live. One time I went to see the koi being fed (it's really cool. An old man rings a bell and they all swim up to him.) The old man who feeds them cornered me and began to tell this long story about breeding the fish. It was the kind of story where you're not really sure what he's talking about so you just nod and wonder how you can politely get away. Then he went on a long rant about how he's sure that Vietnamese people come in the night and steal his fish to eat them.
I realize that it's not actually a very interesting story now that I write it down.
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Are you familiar with The Daily MAil at all?

Their output always has a dirty foreigner at the root.

Q:- How do you confuse a daily mail reader?

A:- Tell them that Polish migrants kill paedophiles.
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