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How well do you know your world?

In this geography game, click as close to the prompted location as you can, but remember, speed counts! I scored 353,403 points through ten levels, not high enough to play the last two levels. Link -via Militant Playtpus

I made it to level 11. My strategy was to click as fast as possible in the general area of the location... I didn't really pay attention to the scores to see whether time spent pinpointing the spot was worth it in terms of points. My guess is no.

There's a 2-player game that's almost identical and has been around for a while: Geosense
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Your total score has nothing to do with advancing in the 10th and 11th rounds. It's your round score that needs to be near perfect to advance.
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Russia kills me when I get to level 11. I think I've been to 12 once.

What is the closest you have ever been to a target? I got 4 km once.
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I got to Level 11 several times but it's a nightmare of Russian gulag towns, independent African states and Pacific islands
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Fun game indeed.

I failed badly on my first attempt (didn't pass level 1 -- forgot to record the score), but did better with my second attempt since I understood how the game work (time limits always mess me up!). I ended at level 3 with 19,159 points on World Capitals (easy). My final score was 60,913 with traveler intelligence quotient (IQ) of 80. I used to be decent at geography back in middle/junior high school. :(
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As far as which is better speed or location. Location is worth thousands of points where as speed is only worth hundreds. So, unless insta clicking gives you more than I realize, it's better to be accurate than fast.

So how close have any of you guys gotten to the exact spot of a place? I got to 16 km from Osaka, Japan.
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Level 12 is evil. I've gotten Bouvet Island, Norway a few times. Where would you click? Anywhere near here:
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Thank you, oh thank you, for uncovering this game. Shite like this sure beats, say, bejeweled.
Sadly, If I were to introduce this to my fellow twenty something friends, they would fail terribly.
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I usually get to level 10 or 11, once got to level 12. Including Bouvet Island was mean. Closest I've been was 19 km from Ulaanbataar, Mongolia. (?!?!)
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I got 558,219 pts on level 12, but levels 11 and 12 are pretty hard because of the oversea possessions and islands. They also stick in insignificant places like Nundle, Australia (population: 257, entry on wikipedia: 91 words). That's not so bad when you're dealing with a country like Italy that only takes up a few pixels, but guessing where a minor town in Australia, Russia, China, or Brazil is could put you thousands of km wide of the mark.
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384,497 for me! I took the strategy to click as fast as possible, trading time for accuracy. It earned me a few reminders that we were dealing with planet earth but I got through level 10 at least.
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587,323 points
level 12 about 20 minutes after my last post, i was off on two Russias and one st something in canada
i didnt check my IQ. probably 130ish
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