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Animal Crossing Tragedy

Get your hankies ready as you watch this story from YTMND about the game Animal Crossing. Then call your mother. Link -via Metafilter

(The link was hijacked earlier; it's fixed now)

Why does it have to be news? This isn't news-o-rama you know.

Anyway, I've been dreading the upcoming long weekend at my parents' house and this little video reminded me that they're very nice people and I should quit being such a selfish jerk.
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Wow that was pretty sad. Reminds me that my parents aren't getting any younger.

I skipped out on putting up christmas ornaments with my mom who has arthritic hands (had late night of WOW).

Now... I feel REALLY bad. Tomorrow for sure!T_T
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This was a really nice thing this person did. It's like a tribute to their mom. Makes me miss my family and how I can't afford to go and see them for the holidays.
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aww nice clip., though actually when you play animal crossing your character always gets letters and gifts from "mom". so it might not of even been her real mother who sent them
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It didn't get me but only because it was so nice and quiet I was cringing the whole time waiting for it to turn into one of those damn surprise ghost things that scares you out of your chair.
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when you create your character in Animal Crossing, you select your favorite relative: Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather.

Then periodically the game will send you random items in the mail from the "favorite relative" you selected, saying things like "Just thinking of you, Love, Mom."

Most likely all the letters he got were generated by the game, not by his mother.

It's an example of great game design, not maternal love.
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@ Paul

I understand why you would think it maybe the in game Mom who sent the gifts but if you recall from the pictures one of the in game characters asks the Son where he and his Mother went to. As well, the in game Mom usually does send presents but with some bizarre letters such as,"I'm sending this to you because your Dad stubbed his toe." So to have all of the presents have only one message repeating may prove that it was the actual Mom.

Either have lost his Mom and then have letters and presents waiting for you really does hurt even if they may have been from the in game Mom or not. I got really choked up by this. It's true we may feel anger towards our parents for somethings but gosh darn it you just love them in the end. So use your time wisely to show how much you care for them.

Thank Miss C. for putting this up. :)
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Whoah. This made my eyes and nose gooey, i.e., almost cried.
Even after reading the possible arguments that indeed, the mother's messages could be game-generated, this story delivered a punch in the head for the day.
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