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What is It? Game 45

This week's collaboration with What is it? Blog brings us this strange item: can you guess its function?

Place your guess in the comment section. Please post no URL (let others play! ) No prize this week, you're playing for fun and bragging rights.

For more clues, check out What is it? Blog.

Update 11/17/07 - the answer is:

This would have been found in a store, where it was used to hold and display carriage driver's whips. A knot was tied in the small end, which was then inserted into one of the slots.

Congratulations to Bill R. #8 who go it right!

Its a rack for nickle-plating counterfiet deutschmarks from WW2. Unknown to most is the US's efforts to disrupt the third reichs economy by counterfeiting the nazi state 1 dm coins. The plot failed when it was discovered that the ersaltz US dms were made from higher quality materials than the german, and gave the impression to the average german that the economy was improving.
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It's used to make candles, not hold them. The wicks are strung so they hang down, then the rig is lowered and raised into and out of hot wax until the candle is done.
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Dominatrix Crown?

I think it's decorative. In the lower right it looks like it could be opened to go around something and then closed with the small chains supporting it.

So I'm going with an Elizabethan Collar for a Pit Bull.

No. don't need the little chains for that.

What the HELL is that?
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It looks like one of those plastic things where clothespins are attached all around, and which can hold as many pieces of clothing (mostly socks) as there's clothespins. But it seems to be made of metal, and the clothespins are missing.
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it's a cock ring.

lol, no.. it looks like it could be used to suspend a wreath for some b/s like advent or something. or thats just what it reminds me of since i unfortunately went to catholic school for a few years.
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Neatorama is proudly preesenting the much admired Milwaukee Cast Iron Freesbee (TM), with chain and ring adapted to the Milwaukee Cast Iron Freesbee Holder (TM). This particular model belonged to the famous Bjornmahr Hupdruck, seven times worldchampion.
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