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Cat to Owner: Pick Me Up, Same Time, Same Place

Every morning, Liz Bullard of Bournemouth, England, takes her son to school and then ... picks up her cat from the sidewalk!

A cat is baffling his owner by wandering off at night before expecting to be collected by car every morning at exactly the same time and place.

Sgt Podge, a Norwegian Forest Cat, disappears from his owner's home in Talbot Woods, Bournemouth, every night.

The next morning, the 12-year-old cat can always be found in exactly the same place, on a pavement about one and a half miles (2.4km) away.


I also have a Norwegian Forest Cat ~ and in general, they are exceptionally bright animals. They also tend to be very lazy, which is why it doesn't surprise me that this cat is waiting for a ride instead of walking home, lol. Mine wouldn't walk it either!! : )
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Is anyone else bothered that this woman lets her cat out to wander the neighborhood? She sounds about as stupid as my mother who let's her tiny pitbulls, otherwise known as Jack Russel Terriers, out at night then complains when they maime wild creatures. She claims she always thinks they have to go to the bathroom. Geez, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice (a thousand times?) shame...... Ever heard of just keeping your cat inside (or in my mother's case, ever heard of a leash?)? I really hope that lady doesn't find a squished cat at the same spot one morning.
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If you read the story, he's not always there. Sometimes, she has to clap her hands because he's in the bushes. Sometimes, he's "out wandering".

I'm not bothered by the fact she lets her cat out to wander. That's what cats do. I'm more bothered by the fact she named her cat "Sgt Podge".
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@ Jill:

once upon a time cats were allowed to live their lives wherever they want to be, not in some small apartment or a house that holds no interest to them... just sayin'

:) My kitty does the same thing, he likes to go outside at night and then in the morning he's in the same spot and keeps me company in my walk to the bus stop.
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@Jill I suppose the following would also greatly disturb you. A cat that eats the local wildlife:

Meh... cats were domesticated because of their hunting abilities. Tom(in the pic) even helps control the population of Grey squirrels in Britain. :) Many cats find living in a house to be very confining. They just know instinctively that there's more to life.
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If you let a cat out here, in Newport Beach, you will not have a cat any longer, but coyote food, or bob cat food, both are seen on the streets at night, regularly. Kitty outside is food, even if only for a short time. The coyotes will even jump short fences, grab your dog or cat and off with it they go ...
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