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This Cat Should Have Been a Dog

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This cat apparently didn’t read the cat manual. At least the page that states cats do not learn tricks. ~via Unique Daily

I managed to teach my cat tricks as well! :) He knew sit, liedown, shake, and we were working on roll over when he became ill.

Nice to see some other sweet cats like him out there
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Cats are very capable of learning tricks but most people never try to teach their cats any tricks because they think they can't. My cats sit on command and a few other things, they're a little harder to teach than dogs because they aren't as easy to bribe with treats. Some people even train their cats to use a toilet instead of the litter box (I won't go that far).
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@ Dani

Your car?! I do hope you mean cat...if not...that's gotta be a new model of a car.

My sisters cat would always greet her and her husband when they come home and then pretend they don't exist afterwards. ;)
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It's NOT unnatural... it's just putting in some work and giving the animal some attention and praise.

I've had cats that would sit, sit up (beg), come and fetch.

We've even gotten our current pet RABBIT to do some tricks like beg and carrying a plastic pumpkin.

The OWNER is the limitation, not the animal....
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Cool! Next teach it "search and destroy". Show it a picture of a rodent/bird, tell it "seek", then wait for it to find one and bring it back. :) Hehe.... I wish.
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At the moment i am teaching my cat to jump through a hoop. I have a plastic hoop and i hold it upright and hold a treat. I move the treat through the hoop and the cat follows. Once she is ALL the way through i give her the treat while saying "jump". After she gets the hang of it i move it about an inch above the floor and repeat the whole process. Eventually you will get your cat to jump through it when it is about a foot off the ground.

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