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Top Eleven Geek T-Shirts

Switched picked their eleven favorite geek t-shirts. Each is linked to the vendor, so you can do your Christmas shopping online. Link -via Geek Like Me

I have had two shirts that should have made this list. one said "Doppler Effect" in blue letters on the front, and "Doppler Effect" in red letters on the back.

The other says "Schroedinger's cat is dead" on the front and "Schroedinger's cat is not dead" on the back.

I think it must be pretty geeky, because no-one ever got the jokes.
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Pudifoot -i get the red shift / blue shift shirt, but not the latter. guess i'm 1/2 geek? maybe i get it from my dad, because "my mom thinks i'm cool."

anyways... why the hell is the "You Are Here (ARROW)" milky way galaxy t-shirt not on this list? i think the terrorists have won.
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Aw Mr Pudifoot no one got the Schroedinger’s cat tshirt? :( ...I must be 1/2 geek too matt, I didn't get the other one :) I'm no scientist though, I'm an animator so I think I can be forgiven?
I think I like the wifi one the best. I saw a similar tshirt in a store that was an equaliser that actually lit up and reacted to the noise around you....
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Am I old and/or lame?

I don't really think most of these are that geeky. MySpace, Digg, and Twitter may have geeks that use them, but they're not really geeky. They don't take intellect, ingenuity or cleverness to use them, nor do they involve obscure arcane knowledge of technical subjects.

I did appreciate the Web 2.0 one, but the most geeky was the wifi detector...except a geek would make it him/herself (and then get arrested:
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Dig(g), certainly in the UK, means to punch. I wouldn't wear a t-shirt that actively encourages people to punch you, especially since that "digg me" bit is rather near your solar plexus. As for the rest of it, they're hardly geek t-shirts, they're just advertising crapola, you may as well claim a jolt advertising t-shirt is geeky since some geeks drink it.
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