15 Famous Ghost Photos

A spooky slideshow of 15 photographs with unexplained appearances on them.

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I never bought into the idea that ghosts are sentient. For my ghost-busting buck, I think they're just residual energy left by people after they die. Particularly ones who had a bad time. Like a tape recorder replaying the same events over and over again.
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I think I see two figures in the first photo. Look at the placement of the hands; it looks to me like there is a dark hooded figure in front of the one in white.
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Creeepy. I always hate myself for looking at stuff like this... because even though my mind will make me scared for the rest of the day, my curiosity gets the better of me and I click it anyways.
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I like looking at these pictures because when I was younger I had a fascination with ghosts. Now I know they're more psychology than parapsychology, more folklore than science.

Really, what's more likely
1. The people who took these picture weren't entirely honest or the images were some kind of artifact on the film.
2. There is some kind of force out there that can not be explained or measured scientifically.

But yeah, they're still creepy.
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I don't believe in any of these at all. But some are still creepy. Considering how recent some of these pictures were taken, why are they being shown in black and white? Because it's easier for our minds to process random images into faces without the facts of colour to get in our way?

And why aren't there lots, lots more of these, considering how many people have cameras in the world?

I would expect to see YouTube chock full of ghostly images.
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i'm sorry but where are the 15 famouse ghost pictures?
cause i can't find them!!!!!!!!
but i realy wanna see them and i clickt on 15 FAMOUSE GHOST PICS already but it didn't work!
help me!

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poor ghost its had a hard life he lived there before so he went back there and saw the house was completely changed so he is weeping on the bannister
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És kiaz a hülye aki ezt elhiszi hogy igazi.már boccs????????XDMert én nem!!!Figyu már! Optikai csalás!Majd ha saját szemeddel látod akkor hidd el!!!
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This one is JDLR (Just Doesn't Look Right). Look at the steps, they don't look real. I would not want to climb those steps as some are round. How do you climb that!

Given how strange the rest of the picture looks, how can we be sure that the 'ghost' shown is not a real person and that the picture didn't suffer some kind of problem during developement.

Sorry, I am not buying it at all!
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how can a ghost be taken on camera you spaz!!!
besides it could be a fake photo or a real person dressed in white hiding in the dark I BELIEVE IN GHOSTS BUT DEATH KNOWS ALL!!!!
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hey iam 19 years old and.my mom passed away last year....
and everyday when i go to sleep a bell sound will hear....i thought it was the watchman but.....1 day when i went out...and saw my mom...was standing out and playing with a baby....!!!
i got shocked i went down and touched my mom....she smiled at me and went without say anything.....after somtime i saw a black smoke crossed me...it was like no legs and red eyes.....it went near the baby and took her up side down and stated eating her......???????

i still miss my mom............she is always with me like a ghosts......
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i dont fucking believe any of them......
lets take a look at all of them...you see how it looks like in movies and in human imagination.....

people made it!
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Answer: Rest In Peace, Jesus taught that death was similar to going to sleep and that the righteous would go to heaven in the future, at the time of His second coming, not immediately after death.

"Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation." John 5:28-29
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i only see 1 pic......
ghost dont acually look like the shape of people, they look like orbs floating.
my grandfathers house is full of them (not floating orbs (ive only seen 1 of those), but spirits). u can hear children running upstairs when nobodies up there, my sister heard a man sneeze when she was alone in the house, doors shut randomly (not wind, they flippen open agian (like, the handle turns after a few minutes)). my grandfathers dog, Shadow (german sheperd), recently died and we occationaly hear him scratching the back door to be let in. the 1st time i heard it i asked my grandfather if he got a new dog, but he said no and there was nothing in the back yard. maybe my families just full of crazy people, but i dnt think it is.... who knows *shrugs*
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People make things into what they want. Get over it, its not spooky or weird in any way. That is obviously the head of the person holding the rail.
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I am actually wondering; how old is this picture? By the looks of it, it should be old, but with the advances on the camera's nowadays you can never be sure.
Anyhow; it actually looks like two figures, not one. Since even ghosts can't stretch their arms further than we can(for they are the energy of the people(some refer to the energy as their soul) who have passed away, with the same capabilities. Well, without the real thouching of things and speaking and such) it would be impossible for the other hand to be the hand of, well, let's call him White Guy. It seems as though there is another figure standing in front of White Guy, as mentioned earlier by someone else.
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well as i am now 15 years old i believe in this sort of thing. i believe all ghost who have un finished business will return or those spirts that have come to warn or protect.Ionly believe in ghost and spirits because i was 5 years old and my dad died, when i was 7 years old i was in bed with my older cousin when i saw a man walk by my bedroom door and look at me and wave my cousin saw it and no one else was in house. secondly i was reading my school history to find the reason why the changing rooms where out of bounds and the reson was that a girl had hung herself there and they was going to close the place and build new classrooms well as all people do i broke the rules and went into the changing rooms all of a sudden i saw a girl washing her hands but the water fell straight through her fingers and she turned to me and dissapeared. If you do not believe in ghost or spirits it must be that you do not understand and maybe one day you will experience somerthing strange.
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that pic is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i no i have seen a ghost befor!!!!!!!!!!!! and fake pic is fake!
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@ brittany.
Why they are afraid? Because they do not know what it is, and what they can do.
Also because there are a lot of stories in which people got hurt, or got taunted by ghosts. Which does happen, because in our former house, we had a so called Poltergeist. You believe me, if things start to fall out of your closet whilst they were standing completely stabile, you will get scared. When you feel like you're being suffocated by something you can not see, hear or touch, you are scared.
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weird! wots strange is that it has bin traditional in my family that all the girls can see ghosts! and i am a girl, and i have seen plenty of ghosts in my life time!
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tat pic is so fake i mean i could do the same in my computer just put a "gost" by the stares adn there we go we have a ghost but i dont know if i belive in ghost or not because i already had like 2 times tat i sow something i dont know wat it was if a ghost or spirt or wat it was i just know i sow something and am always feeling like some body is waching me like right know tat am righting this i feel like some one or something is looking at me while i dont know wat ever happens in the future happens
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Sorry folks, but as a deputy I worked in a facility that was haunted, I even laughed at my Sgt when he said there were ghost in the building. As for the picture, look at the right hand, it's actually a left hand, it's a fake, as for ghost, they are real.
I wrote a book about what I saw, as well as other deputies who worked the facility for years, just trying to find a publisher.
By the way, I saw a flown blown female ghost, and there's no way I cold write a report that night.
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WHy is it so hard for people to think that there can be ghosts, there are more things in this world that people don't know about so why sn't people think that there is other worlds besides this one how come people don't believe in aliens, if our universe is so big how come there can't be any thing out there besides us?
God can't be explained but you know he's here and even more than that can't be explained of how it got there, why does everything have to have and explanation, why can't there be one thing that we don't know about?
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Whoa creepy, I took some pictures of my boyfriend in the woods and there was this strange blue mist, anyone have any idea or opinion as to what this is?

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i am 9 nand i am not scared of these pictures there cool and i am in 3 grade i am visiting 4 grade on monday yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but yea these are like omg to some people but for me its wow look at theses pictures there amazing........:)
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i am soo scared i think i am sooooooo macho and cool but peaple call me idiot boy and yea its true weirdo i am a nerd bla bla bla i am great at math and i am gay!!!!!!
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