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10 Kick Ass Facts About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon (1973). Image: Lexinatrix [Flickr]

1. Bruce Lee's Family Gave Him a Girl's Name: "Little Phoenix"
Bruce's family never called him "Bruce." They preferred to call him by his nickname "Sai Fon" or "Little Phoenix." It was a girl's name, deliberately chosen by his parents because they believed that evil spirits did not like boys in the family (their firstborn was a son who died in infancy). So, by giving Bruce a girl's name, they believed they could fool the demons into sparing his life!

Actually, "Bruce" was a name given by a nurse at the Jackson Street Hospital, San Francisco, where he was born (Bruce's father was traveling with an acting troupe at the time). The nurse thought that giving the baby an English name would help avoid any confusion with his American birth certificate (yes, Bruce was an American by birth - he never had any other citizenship).

2. Bruce Lee was Part German
Bruce wasn't pure Chinese - he was actually part German (his grandfather from his mother's side was half German).

3. Bruce Lee Never Lost a Fight
Well, actually he lost a fight only once in his life: when he was 13 years old. This loss actually prompted Bruce to learn martial arts from a Wing Chun master named Yip Man. After other students learned that Bruce wasn't pure Chinese, they refused to let him train in their class. Yip Man had to train him privately. (Image: Portland Kung Fu Club)

4. Bruce Lee was a Bad Student
Academics didn't interest Bruce in the least. After primary school, Bruce entered La Salle College, an English-speaking boys' secondary school in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where he often got into trouble. Bruce was expelled from La Salle for disruptive behavior.

Even after his parents moved him to a different school, Bruce kept on getting into street fights.

5. Bruce Lee was an Excellent Dancer and Boxer
Actually, Bruce studied dancing as hard as he studied martial arts: he was an excellent dancer who, at 18 years of age, won the 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship! Bruce was also a great boxer: he won the 1958 Boxing Championship - by knockout, of course.

6. Bruce Lee was a Philosophy Major
Bruce wasn't just all muscle and no brain. He attended the University of Washington, where he majored in philosophy with focus on the philosophical principles of martial art techniques. As you might imagine, Bruce supported himself in college by teaching martial arts. Later, Bruce dropped out of college to open his martial arts school.

7. Want to challenge Bruce Lee? Just tap your foot on the ground!
After he got famous, a lot of people thought they could beat Bruce - they would walk up to him, tap their foot on the ground (symbolizing a challenge) and then proceed to attack him! Well... maybe not that literal, but Bruce's popularity certainly attracted a lot nutcase trying to prove they're better than him.

One day, while filming Enter the Dragon, an extra taunted Bruce Lee and challenged him to fight. The whole thing went on like this:

"This kid was good. He was no punk. He was strong and fast, and he was really trying to punch Bruce's brains in. But Bruce just methodically took him apart."

"I mean Bruce kept moving so well, this kid couldn't touch him...Then all of a sudden, Bruce got him and rammed his ass into the wall and swept him, he proceeded to drop his knee into his opponent's chest, locked his arm out straight, and nailed him in the face repeatedly."

Typical of Bruce Lee, after the fight he didn't fire the extra - he actually gave his challenger lesson on how to improve!

8. Bruce Lee was Strong
In 1964, Bruce was invited to a karate championship in Long Beach, California. There he performed his famous "One Inch Punch," where he would deliver a devastating blow from only an inch away, sending his opponent flying back!

[YouTube Link]

Bob Baker of Stockton, whom Bruce hit, said "I told Bruce not to do this type of demonstration again. When he punched me that last time, I had to stay home from work because the pain in my chest was unbearable."

... and Fast!
Most martial art films are sped up to make fighting scenes appear fast, but not Bruce Lee's. His moves were too fast to be captured on the regular 24 frames per second film - so they had to film him at 32 fps, and run the film slower so you can see his moves.

9. Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, who would win?
Here's a clip of Bruce Lee fighting Chuck Norris in Return of the Dragon. You can see how fast Bruce Lee moved ... though it's obvious that Chuck Norris would be immune to the One Inch Punch as his one-inch chest hair would absorb the punch with ease!

[YouTube Link]

And the most bizarre Bruce Lee fact is this:

10. Bruce Lee's Corpse Acted in his Final Movie!
Bruce Lee was filming Game of Death when he died unexpectedly. So what did the studio do? Well, they rewrote the script so Bruce's character faked his own death to escape the mafia. Then they took footage from Bruce's actual funeral - including close-ups shots of the open casket showing his embalmed face - and work that into the movie! (More on this at Neatorama's post: The Creepiest Movie Ever Made)

Source: Bruce Lee [wikipedia] | Academy of Jeet Kune Do Fighting Technology: Sijo Bruce Lee | Bruce Lee Foundation: Bruce Lee Bio [PDF]

Where do you get your facts? You couldn't be more incorrect. Your another douchbag who saw a Bruce Lee movie and is now inspired to plagerize old documentaries about him. Did you even watch the shows or did you just pick out what you like as a 12 year old would for a school papers? Sei Fong dumbass! It means "little dragon".
Bruce Lee lost a lot more then one fight when he was a kid. Not "just one". He was being bullied at school day in and day out so he finally started learning to defend himself. Yip man was the only martial arts teacher Bruce ever had.
You stole what Bob Wall said in an interview about Bruce from documentary that says how he beat the hell out of the guy who challenged him during filming then helped him improve his skills? Bullshit, no one including Bob Wall ever said that Bruce gave the guy tips and pointers on how to improve. The list go's on and on. Your so full of shit your trying to pass on info that you got wrong as your own.
You do know that this is the world wide web right?
Other people besides the rejects in your little hut village read your garbage too. I'm one of them unfortunatly and I'm calling you a jackass. Thats all for now.

Hugs and kisses you fucking shitheel!

P.S. If you really want to know about Bruce and his accomplishments, visit HIS website.

Good night, and good luck....purple monkey dishwasher.
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A fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris is great, but you know what's even better? A fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris interspersed with random shots of a really cute kitten! lol now I have to rent Return of the Dragon just to figure out why the kitten is in the fight scene.
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You forgot one of the coolest ones...Bruce had canninbus in his stomach when he died. Apparently, he wouldn't smoke it, but ate it. He told his doctor, "It is the only thing that slows time down." ...Bruce was rather a hyper individual.
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Bruce lee's Chinese name Li Xiaolong does in fact mean little dragon and not phoenix. Dunno if maybe they called him little phoenix as a joke, Chinese are a superstitious lot (disclaimer: gross generalization) and its not the first time I heard they try the old cross-dressing-child-to-fool-the-spirits routine.
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I'm not sure about the other facts billy brown stated, but being Chinese(cantonese) Sai(/sei) Fon(g) is little pheonix/peacock (pheonix is peacock with 'wong' at the end but chinese names only have three characters). Lung is dragon. Try taking that cock out of your mouth before you speak.
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Everynight with my star friends
We beat jeet kune do and kick karate
punching in the budokan area
We talk about Bruce Lee..
"You know Bruce Lee?"
He's dead!

To be famous is so nice
Suck my kick
Kick my a**
In limosines we have fight
everynight with my famous friends

+ Videos are down.
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Re: Bruce Lee's name. His given name is Lee Jun Fan (Cantonese, mandarin is Zhenfan). His childhood nickname is Sai Fon (or Sai Fung in Mandarin) meaning "small phoenix." His screen name is Lee Sui Lung (or Li Xiao Long in Mandarin) meaning Lee the Small Dragon.

Re: Bruce Lee giving advice to his challenger after beating the tar out of the guy. See ref: Vaughn, Jack (1986). The Legendary Bruce Lee. Ohara, 153.

Re: Bruce Lee's loss as a child. If you can come up with a reference of him being beaten up repeatedly in fights, please let me know. From the readings I did, it was a singular street fight that he lost (got beat up pretty bad - Bruce was actually a scrawny kid) that he decided to take up martial arts.

Re: Yip Man being the only martial art teacher Bruce had. Technically not true, Bruce learned boxing - someone had to teach him that. He also learned fencing and various martial arts, such as judo. But yes, Yip Man was Bruce's main teacher. The article didn't make a claim that he was just one of Bruce's teachers.

Re: Cannabis. Yes, the autopsy revealed that Bruce had cannabis in his system, but it's controversial whether that is a source or contributing factor in his death. Understandably, most biographies on Bruce kind of glosses over this fact.

I'll pass on the other savory comments that were made regarding my knowledge of the world wide web, my "little hut village," and my purple monkey dishwasher (ZOMG! HOW DID YOU KNOW !?!?!)
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Dear BillyBrown,

While I enjoyed your comments and believe every word that you said, I couldn't help but notice that your use of the word "your" when you really mean "you're" or "you are" doesn't help your cause when calling someone else a douchebag, fucking shitheel (good one), or a jackass.
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#3: Bruce Lee Never Lost a Fight (Not Entirely True)

Bruce Lee perhaps never lost a documented street fight in his life, but he regularly lost fights during sparring sessions. He regularly lost fights with practitioners of the grappling arts, which taught him how to incorporate grappling into his Jeet Kun Do system. Remember that Bruce Lee is the father of mixed martial arts and while his foundation was from traditional Gung Fu, Bruce was continually modifying, testing and tweaking his fighting method against other people. He realized that losing was the primary component of learning. You can also read his extensive biography in the heroes and role models section of my website.
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@Tristan Loo: Does sparring session count? I'm sure Bruce Lee doesn't mind losing fights until they really count ;)

Great article on your website, for those who want to read up, here's the link.
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LMFAO! Bruce pulled out some of chucks chest hair! (my fav part cantcha tell!) oh and to the rabid moron billybrown; did you leave comments like this on the chucknorrisfacts website too?
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Bruce Lee is an actor. Sure, he can have a few street fights and practice JKD, but let's not forget he's 135 pounds soaking wet.

BTW, Chuck Norris was the current karate champ at the time and would own Bruce Lee in a real fight.
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You guys are arguing like crazy, but the truth is you all have it wrong. Bruce Lee did not have a father. He was cloned from the DNA of many great famous historical warriors such as Conan and that guy from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

It is a well known fact that as part of this sort of cloning process you get a crummy twin like Danny Devito, in Bruce Lee's case he was so awesome that the bad genes actually formed a pretty good fighter too, his name was Neo, who could stop bullets in mid air but still lost to Bruce regularly when he felt like it.

Let us also remove any question about what his name means. It is both dragon and Phoenix, as a dragon and a phoenix were both used as part of the cloning process and later went on to star in that Harry Potter movie where Hermione got tits.

Speaking of which, is it ok to watch The Professional and consider twelve year old at the time Natalie Portman hot?

But I digress. I believe that we were discussing the true history of Bruce Campbell. You see, aside from bit parts in the Spider Man movies, Bruce has saved the world from rampaging demons not only in the modern era but also in the past. Fortunately his friend Sam was around with a video camera (I think their original intention was to film a porn movie) and so he captured all of Bruce's moves on camera.

I hope this is cleared everything up.
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Yo you guys should check out Finishing The Game.

Apple Trailers.

Exploration of "Asianness" through the guise of a fictional interpretation of how "Game of Death" was made.

Po mo baby.
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You are all wrong about his name, and I knew Bruce Lee, or should I call him by his real chinese name Tiger-lic-my-balls-pls.
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Alex: "Re: Cannabis. [...] but it’s controversial whether that is a source or contributing factor in his death."

Controversial indeed. It would be a medical first since cannabis has to this day not not killed anyone, not a single person, ever.
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You people are silly. Arguing about a fighter/actor. Psh.

Though, I do find it interesting that both Bruce and his son died while filming, though don't know if Bruce died actually filming like his kid did.

I'll have to check that out.
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On Tiger-lic-my-balls-pls,and his famous one itch punch and how he summond all that power. First he would constrict his muscular ball bag this would put enormouse pressure on his Qi (chinese for cum)that once released would give him a sudden and violent itch on his scrotum, and in his own words from his Bio and I quote "feel like some one pull out one of my ball bag hairs,hurty me very muchy" unquote.And the fact is that it was called the ONE ITCH PUNCH by his great great great great great granny and passed down the family line, Yes granny had a ball bag back then.On regards how many googies he had he had 3.14159. Which is a transcendental number. That is why he was so special.
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10 kick ass facts.. kicks ass! all the above info is correct for all you punks that don't think so, you got no freakin' clue what you bud swillin' hill-billies are even spewing about, "is there any quality control or rudimentary fact checking" ???!!!! what kind of sissy crap talk is this? and what kind of "spc" do you think would go into the "quality control" of someones history? every thing on this page is well known info!
BUT... not for some pud screw that lives in his mommy's basement and has a confederate flag hanging on his wall, and for you other IDIOTS that are here to spell check, why don't you spell "dental work" after bruce lee knocks your freakin' molars on the floor,

great site, keep up the faith!
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I think the kitten means PUSSY! lol, chuck decides to die then being a pussy, hope that helps steve. LOL man i love that scene. NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING comes close to this in all the new martial arts movies since then, original and best lol i love it hahahha
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haha at billybrown.

actually, ill call you bobby brown, because its just that funny. and with a mentality like you have, it's easily justified.

why ya gotta be a dick? maybe he has some wrong info? who cares that much to personally attack some mofo he doesnt even know?

u r super gay.
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First of all, in Hong Kong they speak Cantonese (Guangdong) not Mandarin. It is totally different than mandarin. A mandarin only speaker and a cantonese only speaker cannot communicate.
The chinese written language, the characters, is standardised between the two dialects. A character will have the same meaning just when pronounced are two totally different sounding words.
Ok, lesson over. Back to mindless arguing.
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Bruce Lee is the greatest martial artist to ever live and you guys should not pick on him and to know the real truth behing the life of bruce lee you must go to his family website in memory of him the web address is
and i know the real story from the real people so just watch what you say and di you all know they really did have to slow his films down so he can be seen
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I work at scripps hospital operating room chuck norris mother had a tumor removed. we took care of her. I ask mr. norris if he was able to take bruce... his comment was i'm not near a match for bruce lee. he is that good. He was wearing his texas ranger clothes that night.
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Billybrown is just adding him self to the problem, by using un-required language towards the poster. you know this will cause Lee jun-fan Fanboys to come post here and try to get at u. it would have been wise to simply tell the poster that this is "mostly" (or possibly ALL) false information and tell him what's really true. or whatever your desire is to say to him, but it's up to u. just stating my opinion towards your comment.

Reisi9593, CEO of Epic-V
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Hi guys I am a major Bruce Lee fan, I have been watching his movies since I was six years old and still, I am amazed by his abilities. I dont believe all the facts that were posted here but I do believe he was killed by the chinese mafia or someone else, Died of natural causes, what a load of crap! I have seen many movies and documenteries about his life and they all say the same thing! BS! As for him fighting Chuck Norris, I think, If it were a real fight, Bruce would win, no contest. He would also win against jet li, jackie chan, and tony jaa
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i dont know if any of you guys are still bloging on here but have any of you guys seen game of death II? If so I have a question. In the final fight scene when boby lo defeats chang ku, he walks into the next hallway and.. its over the credits are on. It was a big disapointment for me. Because it says on the back of the case the he faces something even more terrifying, what is it? Did they cut off the last fight because it was too violent or was it really the end of the movie? It cant be? I felt as if it were unfinished. I guess its that cool theme music. Ever since I saw the movie, I began searching for the sequel, but so far I havent fount anything! Could anybody tell me if there is a sequel or not PLEASE
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kick ass is right, bruce is the man!
I was trying to explain the meaning of Kick Ass to my Japanese students ( I teach English in Japan) and this is kinda how I explained it in Japanese
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Chuck was not the world champion dumbass, he was the AMERICAN champion, bruce lee was much better then Chuck Norris, though Chuck Norris and Bruce lee might have been equals out side the ring, but inside the ring Bruce Lee never lost a fight (as far as I know)
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also you might want to look up someone named Ed walker, that was the name of the person who taut my dad how to fight. And he was Bruce lees pupil (as far as I know)
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BILLY BROWN, Why you don't go to hell fucking guy??? You dedicate your life to drop shit in every web site??? Talk with education first or go to hell!. People like you just deserve to be showed who knows better this stuff.You surely believe you know all about Bruce Lee so came to Argentina I will show you what Martial Arts are...Showtime not talk time baby!
Rodrigo Reinante
(Contact me if you are proud of your knowledge)
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The author of this is an idiot about most of this stuff. However bruce WAS given the name sai fon (a girls name) this is true. His parents were very superstitious and thought their family was plagued by a demon. Bruce Lee is my idol and I kno everything you can about him without knowing him personally. This article is GENUINE BS. Whoever wrote this, damn you for wasting your time and ours.
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According to a few sources Bruce died from brain hemmoraging caused by a headache tablet given to him. apparently it contained something he was allergic to. Bruce had more than one martial art teacher as it is well known he learnt arnis de mano from Dan Inosanto, also he learned how to use nunchucks but I cannot remember if it was Dan who taught him. Bruce lee was an actor but he was also a martial arts master alot of people forget he created his own fighting art something not many masters can claim they have done, however meet June do or june fan is cited as not being a style but rather a concept. The concept of using what works and discarding the rest. The fight which the author refers to on the set of enter the dragon is difficult to pin down. Something definatley happened however everyone that witnessed it has a different account of what happened. Some say they had a full fight others say they hit each other once with the extra coming off the worse. In regards to teachers apparently chuck Norris claims to have taught Bruce how to kick properly. Although it seems unlikely there could be some truth in it as wing chin doesn't use kicks that go higher than the stomache area deffinately no head kicks which Bruce uses in alot of his movies. An avid fan of practical jokes he Once went to the cinema wearing red contacts to scare the ticket box person. Thecway brandon died was similar to the way bruce's character faked his own death and because of this strange coincidence by friend belives both Bruce and brandon are alive on some mountain some where training.
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Is there anybody who can explain me clearly what's the meaning of kick ass and what's the relationship between kick ass and martial arts ? thanks guys.
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It might be the fact that Bruce Lee walked into wally jay's school and got locked and choked several times, and was strangled in a private match with Judo Gene Lebell, and Blasted with a kick from Chuck Norris when they sparred in a hotel when they fist met that might have been a little more of an influence on his attitude about Martial Arts than beating some knuckle head up in 3 minutes instead of 1 minute? I mean 1 minute? what took him so long? I've had street matches that last 3-5 seconds. He is a great Martial Arts Movie Actor and we all love him for that. His attitude about fighting was, to be a good fighter you must fight, and that was his downfall. Most likely he had a blood clot break loose from an injury and hemorrhaged his brain. Not the "Alice in Wonderland" headache pill. He did take his doctors advice and never learned kung fu again, he instead studied judo and jujutsu incessantly reading many original writings from Musashi. Don't believe me? Look at his last screenplay, ironically played by David Carradine I think, was a direct influence from Musashi's "Book of the Five Rings" called "Circle of Iron" again you think Game of Death was his last written work? Look at the IMDB credits for writing. Then watch it. PS huge fan of his work and read all of Bruce's books on Martial Arts and have had the privilege to talk about Bruce with people that have actually fought or sparred with him. So please don't hate on me for knowing the True Bruce Lee. Thank you.
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Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist who ever lived,period.He was very unique and supremely talented.He was several classes above the rest,way ahead of his time.His speed and power were unequalled.It's true his speed could not be captured on a regular film.His fight with an extra while Enter the Dragon was being filmed is true.Bruce thoroughly kicked the extra's ass.Bruce's wife testified about this in her book that she wrote about her late ex-husband.Rest in peace Bruce.You are dearly missed.
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Let us settle this...
1. Bruce Lee was a very great martial artist.
2. If Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were to fight in an all out battle, Bruce Lee would ultimately win. No argument.

Some other stuff you should know (for noobs/10 year olds)
1. Bruce Lee is teh 1337Z.
2. If you claim Chuck Norris wins over Bruce Lee, you are obviously a kid who saw a random, funny Chuck Norris Fact.
3. If you want to know more about Bruce Lee, just google it.
4. If I'm wrong about anything, please correct me, non-12-year-olds.


L3TX S3TTL3 T!5 PL0X!!!1!1oneoneone
1 BRu53 L33 !5 w!n kungf00 m@n!!1111!!1
1. L33 f1t3z t3h Chuck N0rR15? Chuk i5 t3h w1n. now@it. L33 r t3h w1n u nubx!!1!1one

shtuff f0r p33pz h00 luv t3h m3m35 @nd t3h lulc@tz
L33 = 13375
2. u 5@yz chuk 3p1c w1n vs l33? u r0ng s0 3piclee. n00bx
2 g00gl3 t3h b@d@55 l33 nub.
4. u c@ll meh r t3h r0ngx? t3n u f1x unl355 u t3h nub @l50!
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Bruce Lee was the best of any actor, and the best of many fighters, but not everyone is famous like he was, and there is bound to have been some ancient master that could have rivaled him and even some that may possibly have beaten his talents.

What about that guy that was mentioned at the end of the movie Blood Sport eh? ... The guy who founded the AMERICAN NINJUTSU system! ... what about him? ... he held the record for the fastest punch resulting in a knockout according to that text at the end of Blood Sport that told of the real life guy that the movie character was based upon. ... Does that mean that Bruce's "Punch with a KNOCKOUT" was not as fast as his?

Bruce held the fastest movement speed punch, but I think that guy maybe beat him in the knockout category, meaning Bruce had a faster punch in general but the BloodSport guy had a faster punch recorded as having a knockout. Anyway, yea ... I bet there was somebody who could have at least rivaled Bruce. I don't think that Chuck ever could beat him, that's just my opinion, maybe it's wrong, I don't know the facts. Did they ever have a real fight? Chuck just seems slow to me in comparison to Bruce though, but speed isn't everything. Of course Bruce Lee had strength too ... he worked out like 8 hours a day or some crazy amount!

Someone should make a videogame with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc ... oh and Mr. T! and other famous people too, but only the kewl ones.

(it doesn't have to be all martial artists or completely realistic, I just wanna see a game with those people in it! with good gameplay though)
(it Does have to be real people though, no Mario or Sonic or Link)

I plan to make this game one day ... but I've got alot to do before then :'(
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This may come as a surprise to some of you..........Bruce Lee is still alive. I keep him in a special dungeon on my island. He lives on a diet of goats cheese and apricots. He loses a fight every morning, when i unleash my japanese akitas on him. They keep him busy while the dragon arrives and enters him. This heinous act occurs on a regular basis, as a cruel reminder of the seriousness of the mistake he made about naming his film after such an embarassing time in the young dragon's life. When hermoine was getting the afore-mentioned tits, the poor dragon was getting something he certainly wasn't bargaining for. Now he's getting the last laugh on old Beastiality Bruce, as we all like to call him.
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Bruce Lee was never called Sei Fong (which actually does mean "little phoenix" in Cantonese) and is pronounced "siu fung". He was always called "Siu Long" (because he was born in the Year of the Dragon)which is "Little Dragon" in Cantonese. BillyBrown go do some research on Cantonese before writing shit about his name, or go find a native speaker of Cantonese to teach you before calling someone else a dumbshit lol.

And please, no more jokes about Bruce Lee's death, show some respect.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)
Bruce Lee was had a very charismatic presence. During his day he was a great fighter. Today so many new styles have been born. Sifu Lee set the standard for evolving martial arts styles. It is because of this that Bruce Lee set paved the way for so many more. We should let him rest in Peace.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)
ok wow! Billy Brown really tore you a new asshole i have to say lol, the name calling isn't necessary though.can't people get there views cross respectably.
On the other hand next time, research before you do something like this again, you have made your self look a little stupid.
Mr Hann, really? are you that bored? lol
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