Playing Fetch ... with a Cat!

Who says you can't play fetch with a cat? Meet Fitzy, the Fabulous Fetching Feline who will chase a ball and bring it to you, just like a dog would!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Catherine Danielson!

I had a cat once that would fetch. It started out with the tin foil from when I made a french bread pizza. I'd ball it up and toss it across the room. Tigger would chase after it and swat it around the legs of the kitchen table and chairs. I'd walk over, pick it up, and toss it again. Eventually, he'd pick it up in his teeth, carry it back, drop it at my feet and sit up. If I didn't toss it again right away, he'd insistantly nudge it toward me with his paw.

Tigger should have been named 'Hobbes.' He would wait, stalking me by the front door of the house and attack me playfully when I got home from school, launching himself at my legs. He was the best cat ever.
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My dad taught my cat Husie (I mentioned her before for her hunting prowess) and her mother Cuddles to fetch, too. Cuddles' preference was pens and markers, with a particular incident her emptying an entire desk drawer of them one at a time in front of the bedroom door in an effort to play fetch in the middle of the night. Husie loved celophane wrapped hard candy. If you didn't want to fight her over a piece, you had to unwrap it behind a closed door but she'd still come running. It turns out cats fetching really isn't that uncommon.
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Our cat plays fetch with hairpins, needles, twist-ties, small bouncy-balls, and mardi-gras bead necklaces. She also attacks passing legs and occasionally will launch herself at the back of someone's head while they're not paying attention.
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I feel so lied to! :( Someone told me long ago that the reason cats don't play fetch was because their eyes have problems following the ball as it arcs.
:/ heh... I'm so gullable.
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Every cat I've owned played fetch. They all had their own rules; my current cat insists the "ball" consists of something plastic. It must go thru a doorway or he won't bring it back.

I had another who would only fetch cigarette packs. Was playing with her before bed one night. When I tired of the game, I put the pack on the headboard behind me. The cat woke me up at 3 am standing on my head and reaching for the cigarette pack. Guess it was time to play again.
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You guys must have a cat/dog hybrid or something. My cat just stared at me with that "you're an idiot" look on her face whenever I tried to play with her.
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My cat's always played catch, since he was a wee kitten. Mind you, he's very "dog-esque": he loves water, swimming, playing catch, doing tricks, and rolling over for a treat.
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I've had several cats who would fetch. One was partial to those plastic rings from around the cap on a milk container. He would drop one on you whenever he wanted to play. Some mornings we would wake up with several milk rings on our pillows.
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My cat plays fetch. He used to fetch the little rubber caps on contact lens bottles. They were all over the apartment. I never thought he could swallow one. It made it all the way through his intestines before we figured out what had happened & had to have it removed. Very expensive game of fetch.
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I have a siamese/siberian cat who loves to fetch also. It's so fun to watch her play. The funniest part is, if you don't throw the ball the way she wants it thrown, she'll complain and refuse to retrieve it. The ball has to be thrown a certain way. I love cats who can interact like that with people.
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Both of my kitties fetch too. The best trick is my older kitty, though. She likes to collect change and bring it to you. When I moved, I found over $20 in change under my bed, pilfered from other members of my family. Good kitty...
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