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Tattoos for the Blind

The Braille Tattoo, designed by Klara Jirkova (a student at the University of the Arts Berlin), is a series of implantable surgical steel, titanium, or medical plastic that's placed under the skin. The tattoo can then be read via touch.


Why didn't she just invent keyed pheromones, then they could sniff each others "whatever" to revel the hidden message (kind of like what dogs do).

Apparently the art world now has it's modern equivalent of rap music (and just to be clear - that's not a good thing).
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Calling it a tattoo is somewhat of a incorrect use of the word tattoo though. What she describes is an implant, implants are implants, tattoos are tattoos.

Either way it seems like a quite backwards thing to do when you have options such as scarification instead. They would require less invasive procedures, create better results and be fairly permanent. Implants need to be released at some point, it's important to point out that the outmost majority of all implants (subdermal and especially transdermal) are temporary and the amount of time you can keep them can vary quite a lot from person to person.
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Oh...and come to think of it, it would possibly be better to implant a rectangular piece of teflon with raised hemispheres on the surface to be read through the skin. Since if you only implant spheres they can travel out of alignment before they heal in place and ruin the entire idea. Hence a thin piece of teflon would be better. However, you'd still have to place it under the dermis so the raised effect would not be very pronounced on most places on the body (because of the thickness of the dermis) unless you use hemispheres far larger than what's in regular braille text.
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wow, I have never seen anything like that... Wait, yes I have!

I hate when people think they ahve invented something new...
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its a gud idea 4 art as far as art goes its not as if they r trina say they invented implants dey jus showin what can be done wif different materials! ART
well done
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