World's Most Pampered Dog

Talk about being a pampered pooch ... Here's a story about one lucky dog:

Pampered doesn't quite cover it. While some dogs might be prone to biting the odd slipper, this one actually choked on her own Cartier necklace. And now Conchita, known to her family as The Boss, refuses to wear diamonds any more because of the mishap.

However, her owner still spends £7,000 a month on Louis Vuitton bags, bikinis, pearls, dresses and make-up for her. She has her own special pink racing car bed, bathroom and TV, and lunches daily on fresh grilled chicken breast at the exclusive Shore Club in Miami.

With weekly manicures, her own minder and publicist, this one-year-old 500g (1lb) chihuahua is living the dog life equivalent of Paris Hilton's existence. And, like the hotel heiress, Conchita's owner, socialite Gail Posner, is the daughter of a billionaire businessman.


And yet I've seen incredibly happy AND healthy foxhounds living in a chicken coop with 25 other dogs and eating feed purchased by the ton. With hunts three times a week in season and practice courses four times a week out of season, I cant imagine them any less (and probably far more) happy than this spoiled brat. They simply love life.
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If in twenty years the people take to the streets and break the guillotine back out - it will be because of mindless, wasteful, trust fund club monkeys like this woman. Forget the chihuahua and get a SOUL you mindless bitch. Read a book. Hell, color a book. Get a damn clue with your retarded Mercedes dog bed. And what kind of moron publicizes this? You're proud of this? Way to go billionaire parents. Now I see why Ross Perot made his kids pay their way through college.
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Bring me the head of this dog's owner. Say what you want, but when you've watched your friend stay up half the night crying because she has to chose between paying medical bills for her kid or rent you'll want these people dead too.
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I am a firm believer that people should be allowed to spend their OWN money, in whatever manner they want. They shouldn't have to be forced to help out the rest of the world simply because they can.

If this billionaire businessman loves his idiot daughter so much that he caters to her every pathetic, juvenile whim, then I support him. That's his right. Its his money to spend however he wants. (However I hope that dog gives her a nasty Zoonotic Disease).
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Yes, people who EARN what they have can spend it however they want.

Here's a nice write up on the illustrious Posner family. They made money the old fashioned way, they lied cheated and stole it from working class people.

Spend however you want billionaires. And let everyone else eat cake.

The decline of modern civilization is happening right before our eyes. And it saddens and sickens me how soulless our world has become. If this country doesn't find a soul soon, it's going to go the way of Ancient Rome.
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Wouldn't it be nice if people like this cared as much about other human beings and put that money to work altruistically. But what am I thinking, the entire current civilisation worships those who have money - no matter if they are good people or not.

Its no wonder I have withdrawn from the world - I don't care about money or impressing people with *stuff* - and these days I just don't fit in.
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I hate how rich idiots like to impose their human values on to their pets. This dog doesn't CARE about Louis Vuitton or Cartier! And why the HELL would you make a dog wear a bikini?!
And Nora, maybe people have the right to spend money on themselves any way they want, but to be heaping money onto your child as a replacement for love so that she ends up a spoiled brat with no sense of priority, the value of money, or helping the disadvantaged is just plain irresponsible.
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"Forget the chihuahua and get a SOUL you mindless bitch."

harsh but incredibly true.

this falls in the same category as the woman who left majority (if not all. i can't remember) of her fortune to her dog... and begs the question "why do people even market Louis Vuitton bags and clothing lines for dogs?"

it gives me the impression this woman thinks she is doing the right thing as by not letting the dog be beneath her. treating it as more of an equal, meanwhile forgetting that a dog doesn't care about monetary values... at all.

i really wish this money could go to something more important like to charities or medical research, instead of being wasted for someone's (completely twisted) frame of mind.

and also... "And it saddens and sickens me how soulless our world has become." in general terms, yeah, but there is still many parts of the world where their lives aren't driven by money.

if only western civilization would realise that you can be happy without extravagances like these.
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i knew gail posner (used to work at a high-end restaurant in miami and she was the primo spoiled rich bitch. she was cheap though in tipping. she offered me to be her personal asst but i said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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