Endangered Species Chocolate

Now you can save endangered species and eat 'em too! With the Endangered Species Chocolate, that is. Made for Walteria Living by Kathleen Walsh and anita Mothersbaugh (portion of the proceeds will go to World Society for the Protection of Animals).

Each box of chocolate contains a pygmy hippopotamus, mountain gorilla and koala bear: Link

I've been looking for information on the sources of their cocoa. Unfortunately, a large portion of the world's cocoa production actually threatens local rainforest and wildlife, and is linked to child labour and slavery. Selling this chocolate while giving parts of your proceeds to WSPA would be cynical in that case.

I came across "The Endangered Species Chocolate company" at http://www.chocolatebar.com/ and now I'm confused. Did Walteria living just steal their idea (and trademark)?!
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"Koalas are endangered?" -- you're kidding, right? Koala have been endangered quite a while and are on the US "endangered" list since 2000. Australia still considers koala "common" in some parts of the country, even though there aren't that many left, mainly due to deforestation. For more information, see https://www.savethekoala.com/koalasendangered.html
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The moulds are very well done. Too bad they didn't make them real lasting sculptures from a eco-friendly material.
I agree with "aware" though. Seems a little odd to see them taxadermy mounted like hunting trophies.

I'm guessing the message its trying to give is: "When these go extinct, this will be the only way you'll ever see these creatures. Stuffed, and mounted on a wall in a museum.")
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Nah Gert, not kidding. I do live in Victoria though, and according to Wikipedia the koala population "in Victoria is considered large and thriving". Apparently the Koala population is around 30,000, so maybe we have different definitions of 'endangered'.
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So we aren't supposed to be eating chocolate because kids are paid to harvest the beans? If the cocoa industry went suddenly "bust", would all this kids suddenly be skipping to prep school each morning, wearing little ascots, and nibbling Crème brûlées at snacktime? Puhleese.
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yeah i'm with Jexy. i had no idea that koala's were considered endangered.

in fact i remember them talking about possible culling of them not all that long ago.

but i live in Victoria too. perhaps they're just numerous here.
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