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A Child's Love Note.

I can't believe it, but for the first time I cried during a public service announcement. Either I'm a complete sap, or this video was really well done. Hit play, or [Glumbert] to view.

I say sap. But that insurance commercial where the lady has her baby removed early and rushes off...THAT'S a tearjerker. And I'm not even crazy about babies.
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Are you currently hormonal? How would that make anyone cry... geeze... I'm all for a good bit of heart string tugging, and kids can get me to most time (being a father to 3 under 5 myself).. but come on, this was pretty average.
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I can actually recite that thing word by word because it used to be played during the pre-show commercials at the theatres. (and I went to a lot of movies) It's something to encourage parents to encourage their kids to read because the parents would find this commercial cute and sweet. Still good intention and nice commercial though.
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Oh brother, the sap is running today.
This was a good commercial, but crying? Please. I think you'd have to have other issues to cry at that.

I, too, thought it was pretty insensitive of the teacher to read any note at the front of the class, instead of reading through at her desk. What if it said, "Teacher has cooties"? Would she have read it then?
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I'm hard as a rock but was moved by it. Doubt seriously a little kid could write that. In high school though, the kids often wrote poetry that echoes that prose (including myself). We all outgrew it though. Reality marched in and we became taxpayers.
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I have found that when you say something is sad or touching, certain people purposefully try to prove it otherwise. I guess some people think they are cooler if they pretend something isn't emotional.

Anyways, that commercial made me smile. And made me wonder why some teachers embarrass kids like that over something as silly as a note.
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I find it sad that when I see something like this posted, I've started guessing how many people will pull some of that "There's something wrong with you if that made you cry" nonsense.

I guessed right.
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