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Dove Onslaught

As the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty enters its third year, the latest video really hits home to those of us who have daughters. Push play or go to YouTube. Link to campaign site. -via Viral Video Chart

wow, stunning. i don't have any kids but i wanna go find a little girl & talk to her before the beauty industry does. dove has one hell of a marketing team.
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Thanks, Dove, for saving our children from that nasty beauty industry. Is "the beauty industry" the new "global warming"?
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People interested in building self esteem in girls should consider supporting their local Girl Scout Council. They've been ahead of this particular curve for about a decade, talking to girls about beauty and the fashion industry messages since I began working there almost ten years ago. They're not just about selling cookies and campfires anymore. I'm happy to see someone else is finally getting and reaching people.
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Isn't this like, the epitome of Irony? A beauty product launching a marketing campaign against the industry of beauty products? Either this is true brilliance, or a case of the stupids.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to look healthy. Saying that, the only real way to do so is a good diet and regular exercise. But I mean, it's not like we can make money out of that, right?
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For starters, while Dove can be applauded for examining the damaging effects of the beauty industry, its parent company, Unilever, is a major manufacturer of skin-lightening creams marketed in India. (Because, you know, the lighter your skin, the more beautiful you are.) In addition, Unilever makes Axe body spray, whose sexist and just plain stupid ad campaigns and "humilidating" show don't exactly send the message that the Onslaught spot does. And there's more: Unilever spends $809 million on advertising: it markets Dove, which encourages women to love their bodies, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, in which you can drown your sorrows if you don't love your body, and Slim-Fast, to make your body thin enough to love.
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There's nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful-this add is just showing the warped nature of current perspective.

The result of generations of abandoned, sad women... not imparting wisdom and security to their daughters.
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The products Dove sells are known to be more gentle, somewhat more natural than the traditional beauty industry. Dove advocates that women and girls strive for HEALTHY and therefore beautiful skin rather than fake and therefore beautiful skin. They don't say you're already beautiful, they say you have the capacity for natural beauty if you take care of yourself.
I think it's a great campaign, and I also agree with the above poster about Girl Scouts. I don't understand why being a Boy Scout is cool and being a Girl Scout is frequently mocked.
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Is it odd that the young girl they are putting forth as looking (presumably) "plain" or "normal" is a bit too cherubically perfect and beautiful?
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