Firefox Pencils

Firefox sure has a devoted user base, some of whom go through great lengths and cost to promote the open source browser. Take for instance Nathan Lineback of Toasty Tech, who made pencils with Firefox logo and give 'em out to his office mates.

Here's his account on how to make (buy) your own Firefox logo pencil: Link - Thanks mikolka!

As a child I went to an old-fashioned dentist who did not use pain killer. If I did not cry I got a pencil. Now, oddly enough, each firefox user can also get a pencil for their pain. I wonder what IE users get?
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I never buy shirts with obvious logos because I don't feel the need to pay a company to do their advertising for them. Why anyone would use their own money to produce the logoed products is more than I can comprehend.
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In response to Theresa,

Fans of anything will go to extreme lengths and expense to show their appreciation of something.

Firefox is free. They make their money (and lots of it) from search revenue when people using Firefox. I prefer Firefox, and as a web developer I would prefer my users to use firefox. So by spending my money promoting firefox, I am actually helping myself out as well.

Without Firefox fans, Firefox would not be successful, since Microsoft has the market so dominated with Internet Explorer.
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Gah, Theresa. Next, you'll be telling us how your home-made doghair sweaters are much warmer, and you hardly notice the smell when they're damp.

Loosen up the pursestrings, and live a little for once.
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