On Live TV Anything Can Happen, Including Puking on the Air

We've made fun of the (many) stupid moments on home shopping networks on television before, but to my knowledge this has never happened: vomiting on live TV.

C'mon, I know you're curious: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Ola Lofgren!

Update 9/24/07: not a home shopping show, it was a game show in Sweden - Thanks MrPumpernickel!

I'm a bit wary of now pressing play since I just had lunch. Hearing someone lose THEIR lunches will certainly not make my day. But then again I'm a sucker for pain! *presses play* O_O
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Maybe she had to come up with something on the spot.

I thought maybe the caller said something that triggered her response, like the brown note, but for puking.
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I can see painful menstruation making a woman sick like that, although she's rather chipper for having painful cramps. The thing I don't get is that she just stood there, surely she was feeling a little queasy before hand?
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I can do you one better. Here's a clip from the local news in Columbia, MO (where the University of Missouri is located). I'd say this one has the comedy edge, due to the news lady's protracted "uhhhhhhhhh"

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Not home shopping network, not even home shopping period. This is regular night time programming on quite a few regular channels in Sweden. It's a game-show where callers call in (rather expensivly) guessing words while the presenters try constantly to entice more people to call in.

Vomiting is one thing, but having to give TMI to explain it is another. It's obvious to anyone watching the program that she's not the brightest bulb on the tree.
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don't be so hard on her guys.. if she had said she was pregnant, no one would be saying anything bad about her.

she's human, so what?

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i just love how she came RIGHT back so quickly...and she even had a smile on her face! that's awesome. shows that she found humor in it too. she's still hot in my book.
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