Bose Electromagnetic Suspension System for Cars

Bose, the audio equipment manufacturer, also makes an active suspension system for cars. Unlike the hydraulics systems that are common today, Bose's system uses electromagnets to raise or lower the wheels in response to bumps on the road.

Heck, it can even make your car jump or take a bow. See for yourself: hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Algonkin!

i drove a citroen xantia activa once, had the same thing going on in corners only with pnuematic suspention, felt really weird when going into exceot it to tilt.

oh, mercedes ambulances also have this, on a ferry in a car deck bihind one, and it were ruff seas, it kept perfectly level :)

the bose stuff looks quicker to respond to bumps tho...
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wow bose needs to seriously stop ATTEMPTING to make decent audio products and put all of their r&d dollars into this fulltime! This is seriously amazing!
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Better video of the BOSE suspension system here:
(Longer, more tests, in English.)

Only five or six total videos matching those search terms, oddly.
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This is SOOOOOOOOOO old. I remember watching videos of this system at least 7 years ago if not more. Cool none the less.

Another "new" suspension system has been developed for military use with ferromagnetic fluid inside the struts allowing extreme differences in dampening. There are videos floating around the net of a HMMWV (or Humvee) using this system.
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Hahahaha! I can just imagine the criminal elements scrambling to get a car with this suspension system to bypass road strips laid out by the Police. Tsk tsk. ;)
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