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The New $5 Bill: Redesigned with Purple!

The five-dollar bill is getting a face lift! Uncle Sam is unveiling a new design for the $5 bill, to make it harder to counterfeit.

COLOURlovers has the story:

For as long as all of us can remember, the US dollar has been synonymous with the color green. But as of 2004 the US government has been redesigning our paper money and adding splashes color. The new $5 bill was just introduced and might be considered the most colorful piece of US currency ever produced.

While the redesigned $10, $20 & $50 all have colorful designs the new $5 blends from purple to gray with shining yellow stars… not to mention the giant purple 5 on the back.

Color: The most noticeable difference in the redesigned $5 bill is the addition of light purple in the center of the bill, which blends into gray near the edges. Small yellow “05?s are printed to the left of the portrait on the front of the bill and to the right of the Lincoln Memorial vignette on the back.

Link | More info at the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing

I agree that the U.S. needs to introduce more colors to their paper money (I believe they should change the lengths too, to aid the blind in differentiating between bills), but my god that's an ugly $5 bill. Come on Dubya, take a weekend photoshop course and design us something nice!
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Everyone should scroll down the page on that COLOURlovers page and look at the photos of the new South African bills. They're beautiful. That's the kind of timeless design and typography I keep hoping for.
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wow, added a 5.


Most developed countries in the world decided to change the sizes and colours of their paper money to aid the visually impaired and reduce confusion several decades ago.

The Aussies have highly coloured indestructable plastic bills with thransparent windows.

The only thing they lack is a braille denomination.

BUt yay USA, doing the least it can, doing that badly and decades late.

you ess ay!

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WOW that's an ugly bill. I mean, they took a badly outdated design and...made it uglier. I guess it's because the American dollar is depreciating so quickly, better make it look like Monopoly money too!

Wanna see nicely designed money? Canadian bills. Nice colours, neat designs, and little Canadian inside jokes hidden on them. If you hold them up to the light, you can see a second face of whoever is on the bill. So hard to counterfeit. Also: coloured coins, that you Americans think we use for spying on you.
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That is ugly. You'd think that the treasury of the wealthiest nation on earth could have sprung for a graphic designer. But I guess not.

Canadian money is prettier. Even the kind with the "spy poppies". :)
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It's pretty funny that Lester thinks Bush designs our currency. Is there no length to which you ignorant leftards will go when you want to bash the US?
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It's pretty funny that skh.pcola thinks that Lester really thinks that Bush designs currency. Is there no length to which you ignorant rightards *won't* go when you want to bash the left? :D
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skh.pcola, I think the joke is on you if you thought that was anything other than a joke. Bashing Dubya is like shooting fish in a barrel, but you've just taken stupidity to new depths. It's not even a sport anymore. Bah. :(
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Actually, I thought Lester was serious too. And with the increasing arrogance of the other 'powers' of this world, it was sort of hard to tell otherwise. You really should dumb down your jokes so us Americans, who have such low IQ's, live in poverty, and invade random countries (and whatever other stereotypes you think about us) can understand. The ironic thing is that with each post, you just mock more and more and you preach about unity and tear us down. It's utter hypocrisy. Unfortunately, people like you are really starting to make me hate the rest of the world...

@Lady Cooper
Most US currency has a watermark like that too (although sometimes it is not checked, or at least checked accurately, and criminals can just bleach $5's, which will still retain the watermark, and without looking hard enough, will look similar to whatever bill it was changed to)

(In reply to the actual post. I received one of these from an ATM today, and a vending machine I tried to use it in wouldn't accept it. Stronger currency counterfeit protection is nice, but you shouldn't break every vending machine each time you update it.)
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