When Cats Attack

Let's take a little break from LOLcats and take a look at what I think is one of the strangest scenes in exploitation film history: When Cats Attack in Sweet Sugar (1973) with Phyllis Davis.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks sal!

Why did MST3K not do this film!
Seriously though, I grew up with cats and if you threw anyone of them they would have scratched your face off without the use of some super cat hate juice.
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That was definitely strange...but I laughed near the end. Bad acting makes me laugh.

And speaking of lolcats, someone brought to my attention lolsecretz. Which is the funniest thing on the internets thus far.

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Cat abuse!

Those were some pretty wimpy women, though. Especially considering the cats didn't actually attack. Mind you, I guess getting hit by a flying cat isn't that pleasant either.
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Stop it. Don't you people ever learn? Show stuff like this and the movie studies will be all over it with their lame ass remakes. Didn't the HULK, LOST IN SPACE, or GODZILLA teach you ANYTHING?
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I'm assuming (from guessing the age of the movie) that PETA was formed to prevent "Angry Cat Tossing" as a weapon against scantily clad women. That had to be one of the most bizarre movies to date.
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