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What is it? Game 38

Yay! Here is this week's collaboration with What is it? blog: can you guess what this strange thing is?

No one guessed correctly in last week's game, so the prize (a Free Live! Pro Webcam by Creative) carries over to today. The webcam isn't the latest gizmo available today, but hey! It's new and it's free.

Contest rule: place your guess in the comment section, one guess per comment (but you can guess as many times as you'd like). Post no URL, please - let others play. The first person who guesses correctly will win the webcam. If you live outside of the US or Canada, however, the prize is a Neatorama T-shirt instead.

For more clues, definitely check out What is it? blog. Good luck!

Update 9/21/07 - Here's the answer:

Photographer's instantaneous flash lamp, the interesting thing about this device is that it's ignited by a match hidden in the shaft. From the patent page:

The object of this invention is to so construct a flash lamp that it may occupy but a small space and may be readily carried in the pocket loaded for instant use...

Within the stem is fitted to slide a match holder...

...the thumb is pressed to cause the match-holder to be forced inward and the head of the match to contact with a means for igniting it at a point where the spark or flame therefrom will readily ignite the powder in the bottom of the bowl.

... the flash-powder being ejected from the bowl and diffused in the outer air, the lid of the bowl being thrown open by the explosive force and the atoms of powder ignited in the air after leaving the bowl...

Patent number 611,009

Looks like no one got it again!

We call it a "pie iron". Used when camping to cook things in the campfire between 2 slices of bread. Pizza pies & fruit pie are most common for us.
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I don't what it's called, but it's purpose is to both save hot coals overnight to start a fire in the morning AND to move hot coals from the fireplace to the cook stove.
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It looks like a variation on those multi-use cooking devices that you can put what-have-you in the end there like sandwiches or dough and hold over a fire to cook it.
(very good for omlettes if you've been camping for a while)
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Although I think the previous commenters got it, I'll give it a shot. It looks smaller than the already-guessed turnover cooking devicees; I'll go with tea steeper. That's assuming there are holes on the other side of it...
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Its a bed warmer... You put hot coal in it and stuff it between the matresses. The circular plate acts as a stop to prevent the user from placing the device too far into the bed.
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It's for moving hot coals. The end of it holds the coals securely and covered. The round piece of metal on the handle is a shield to keep the radiant heat away from your hands.
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I wanna say it looks like a shovel, but it also looks like it might be a lamp, but there's no outlet for it, so i can't tell. i'm just gonna say it's a shovel.
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you chuck it in the water and when it hits bottom the cover closes and grabs a sample of the muck on the bottom.

A Water Bottom Muck Grabber.
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I am sorry to break it to you all, but these have been nothing but silly attemps at guessing.
The truth is that this device was made and used by the quakers, back in the day. What we have here is a pooper scooper with circular viewing guard. Its that simple!
The contest is over. I won.
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It's for removing old ashes from fireplaces. It closes to prevent them from blowing around inside the house, until you can dump them.
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Its a Criquenel. It is used for the ceremonial scatttering of chicken bones during the St Dornop day abolutions. The current interpetation is to simply eat fried chicken.
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I think it's an invalid/uncooperative patient medicine forcer. So instead of having a spoonful of 'tussin pushed against closed lips, this thing is full of medicine and it's protected while pushed thru closed teeth. when the plunger on the back is pressed, the medicine gets delivered.
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