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Japanese Blood Type Personality Test

Turns out a lot of Japanese people still believe that your blood type can tell a lot about your character!

The whole thing started in 1927, when Takeji Furukawa, a professor at Tokyo Women's Teacher's School published a paper purportedly showing particular characteristics of people with specific blood type. The government seized the idea and tried to use it to (what else?) breed soldiers.

Link - via The Yin Yang Report

Korea too, I hear from a friend. When they meet one another, it's often "What's your name? What's your blood type?"

Something about compatability.
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The Japanese subsidiary of the global conglomerate I work for listed each employee's blood type along with their phone number in their employee phone directory, back in the days of paper employee phone directories.
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Yeah, it's still very common. I once had a bit of a chat with a Japanese girl and she said I seemed like a Type A and my response then was "ehhh.. thanks I guess" but after a bit a googling well, I appreciate the thought but I'm a type O :P
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Ha, I'm type O,...but...I'm type O positive...not negative. So, there a difference in the personality of Type O positive and negative???
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If you are Rh positive that means you belong to
the 85% of people that have it in the World
The remaining 15% goes to Rh negative...
No one knows where we really came from...? RH-
but the most people that have it now..are in Spain...
I am type A...RH-...
Searching for...? LOL
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I used to believe this a lot.... But after evaluating many personalities and blood types, I don't think blood types tell all that much as people think. But I do believe that blood type sets a fundamental base for one's way of thinking... but how you look at the person cannot all depend on blood type. I know an A-blood girl who's a total b!tch but another A-blood girl who is funny and nice as hell.
By the way I'm an O blood.
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