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Marry Our Daughter

Marry Our Daughter is an introduction service assisting families to arrange marriages for their daughters. Kyra A, a 14 year-old who hails from the southeast and loves the outdoors, comes with a bride price of USD 27, 995.

The site has gotten 20 million page views in the last two weeks and gets around a thousand (mostly angry) emails a day. The site's creator (and active nudist), John Ordover, has revealed that the site is indeed a prank.

Mr. Ordover quickly conceded the page was a parody aimed at drawing attention to inconsistencies in state marriage laws. States consider it a crime for adults to have sex with minors, but they allow kids as young as 12 to get married with parental and sometime judicial permission. | New York Times article - via linkfilter

I like the way the creator tries to brush this off as some "parody." He really gives me the creeps and I believe this is really an extension of his creepy pedo tendencies.

Read the article and you'll see he has some really shady past with other equally creepy stunts.

This ain't a parody aimed at inconsistencies in laws; it's reaffirmation that he is one weird sicko.
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*reads article* Oh. He's only into nudism. Was there another part of the article that I missed that detailed actually creepy/shady/sick activities?

Also, good to have this confirmed as a prank, though the testimonials page was a very good hint.
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I can totally imagine my dad teasing me with a site like this when I was in high school. The testimonials page is really funny.
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It IS a good prank. Buttt...should we be surprised that the nudist is the one that wants to loosen the laws on how young you can go? Freakin' weirdo, let's lock him up!

Of course, we're nudists and we don't cotton to this behavior...
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I'm with Buns, I didn't say anything about nudism and stuff, I'm talking about his other website he put up, he seems rather overly concerned with young ones and what they do or not do.

Doesn't anyone else think it's rather odd for this one grown man to be obsessed with the consent laws? It is what it is, and I doubt the average joe is concerned about them.
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Was hoping and guessing that this was to attract attention to the situation in AFRICA, where this REALLY IS HAPPENING.

Also if you can't spot the fake and send angry letters...
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Why is it perverted for him to be concerned about consent laws? Why shouldn't the average Joe be concerned that mere children are allowed to be married?

Oh, I forgot. It's every man for himself in North America, isn't it? If it doesn't concern me, it doesn't matter. Nice.
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The guys odd yeah, but I'm not seeing how you would have to be a pedophile to know and be concerned for females under 18.

The responses here, and to his prank site are more interesting than the point he was trying to make.

Reactionary people are amusing.
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Just like the Americans to judge and tar someone with a big brush and tell the world...

Look at poor Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction.

The guy is a nudist.
For the love of baby jesus, dont label him as a Pedo just because he is a naturalist.
That is like saying my internet dick is very big and so is my real one.
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Most of you who left comments didn't do your research...

"As it turns out, Ordover’s intentions go deeper than poking fun. He says he was hired by a group of women from a local support group who'd been married out in similar fashions—and wanted to draw attention to a very real problem. Marriage laws vary by state in the U.S. and are often in conflict with statutory-rape laws, he says—meaning that, with parental permission, it's not uncommon to find girls as young as 13 married with children in states where the legal age of sexual consent is more like 17."

Fucking dumbasses. He's not trying to loosen marriage laws, he's trying to point out the fact that they don't work!
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the point everyone seems to miss is the fact there is a price on the childrens head. this is not about age laws... he said nothing of the money in any of his lets fix the age laws. sick is too nice for this person... and if it is a hoax why is the site still up... with no info on it being a hoax...
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Doesn't anyone take note that the trial of Warren Jeffs was going on just at that time?

In an age when nearly half of all adolescents lose their virginity by age 15 and there are no jobs for them anyway, maybe going back to frontier and primitive customs is not a bad idea. Well, in Europe and Canada and the French Caribbean (and French Guyana) where the government pays child allowances to parents, there are incentives...
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