Kitten eating a melon.

A Ukranian kitten enjoying what looks like a cantaloupe. No plot, just a cute video. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Arbroath

Surprising what animals will eat...cats supposedly don't have receptors
to taste sweets. Maybe the texture, aroma and moisture were appealing.
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My cat used to love cantaloupe but it made her insane. She would be bouncing off the walls for hours afterwards. She loved it so much we had to hide the rinds so that she wouldn't dig thru the garbage for them.
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Many years ago, we had a cat named Claudia who would eat pumpkins--especially the innards!--with complete abandon. Needless to say, she LOVED the end of October...*LOL*

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We had a cat who loved cantaloupe so much he would eat through the rind. We had to put the melons in the refrigerator to be able to eat them outselves. We had another cat who adored peas. He would chatter and even salivate when he smelled them cooking.
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I wonder if its the high water content? If I was a cat, and had a lukewarm stagnant dish of water to contend with, I'd think melon was awesome too. Mmm chilled and so refreshing.
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Cat name is Tuborg and for a few weeks he eat about 2-3 pieces of melone a day as well as other crazy stuff like sweet corn:).

I will try to get more Tuborg home videos from that girls and I'm glad that someone liked this video:).

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