In 1969, Harold C. Bush patented one of the most ingenious transportation device EVAR: Jumping Device with Driven Airlift Blades or better known as the pogo-copter!

Link [Google Patents]- via JonathanRyan, who wants to improve this awesome device by adding a gas-powered turbine.

Oh my goodness, my life would be complete if I had one of those. Short, and terminated in particularly tragicomic fashion - but complete nevertheless. I'd die with a smile on my face!
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Hmmm... I think they'd need to come up with a really good harness so that the rider doesn't end up thrusting his head into the blades...

Other than that, it looks like fun. :)
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Their advertising campaign should read, ‘Less dignified than the guillotine, but a lot more fun.’ I, personally, would choose this over the electric chair any day of the week.
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I doubt that a prototype had ever been built. As much as I might worry about my head, I worry more about completely ruining it on the first fall.
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Wont work.

You'd either need 2 counter-rotating main rotors or a tail-rotor to counteract the torque and keep from spinning.

Didn't he ever look at a REAL helicopter???
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Terrific... combine a toy that's already got a long history of injuries, and add rotor blades to it.

Y'know, it's all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt... then it's hilarious!
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