Miss Teen USA South Carolina T-shirt

Sooner or later those words had to end up on a t-shirt.

Link - via Like Totally Love It

Ah people so love to make fun of dumb people, but how many of the people who are laughing at her could come up with a coherent answer in the same situation?
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What worries me is that it was posted by some called 'like_duh' on 'i like totally love it'. I hope this is some form of irony.

It's either that or the fact that low levels of grammatical correctness and coherence are contagious.
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"Ah people so love to make fun of dumb people, but how many of the people who are laughing at her could come up with a coherent answer in the same situation?"

I'll tell you this much:

I've never met anyone in my life (barring the mentally ill) that, even under extreme pressure, formed a pathetic sentence fragment like our Miss S. Carolina's little gem:

"... I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and the Iraq like such as."

It's just hard to say, "she was just nervous" To me... that's not nerves. Miss South Carolina was obvious a cheater in High School

my 2 cents
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A more correct response would have been something like this:
I feel that the geographical retardation of the youth of our nation is indicative of two major failings in the national psyche:
Firstly, the self-image that big media fosters in the mind of American citizens from a young age leads of a stupendously biased view on the rest of the world. An americano-centric view that denigrates the worth of the people of other nations. This, combined with the mistaken belief that bigger is necessarily better, might lead an arrogant and ignorant youth to assume that the largest landmass is the USA. Of course, they would then be pointing at Asia or Africa.
Secondly, and this is true of education systems around the world, there is an attitude prevalent amongst a certain demographic that education stops when the child exits the school gates and that intellectualism is something to be feared and suppressed. A person growing up with this attitude will undoubtedly fail to attain a balanced world-view and a well rounded education.

If she'd said that, she'd rock.
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You'd be a fool and/or completely up your own ass to NOT clearly see that "nervousness" had ALOT to do with her answer. Let's not be too hasty in making such glaring oversimplifications as her own speech beautifully demonstrated. Yes, she's dumb. But that answer encompassed more than just being dumb. I don't think anyone is willing to wager she speaks like this normally in private. You want to see people melting down on an almost daily basis take a college public speaking course where intelligence is irrelevant in the presence of performance anxiety (until the skills to do so are mastered).
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