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Clowns Kicked KKK Asses

Here's an excellent example of pwnage: when the white supremacist group VNN Vanguard Nazi/KKK tried to host a hate rally in Knoxville, Tennessee, they were foiled by ... clowns!

Unfortunately for [VNN] the 100th ARA (Anti Racist Action) clown block came and handed them their asses by making them appear like the asses they were.

Alex Linder the founder of VNN and the lead organizer of the rally kicked off events by rushing the clowns in a fit of rage, and was promptly arrested by 4 Knoxville police officers who dropped him to the ground when he resisted and dragged him off past the red shiny shoes of the clowns.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s shouted, “White Flour?” the clowns yelled back running in circles throwing flour in the air and raising separate letters which spelt “White Flour”.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s angrily shouted once more, “White flowers?” the clowns cheers and threw white flowers in the air and danced about merrily.

“White Power!” the Nazi’s tried once again in a doomed and somewhat funny attempt to clarify their message, “ohhhhhh!” the clowns yelled “Tight Shower!” and held a solar shower in the air and all tried to crowd under to get clean as per the Klan’s directions.

At this point several of the Nazi’s and Klan members began clutching their hearts as if they were about to have a heart attack. Their beady eyes bulged, and the veins in their tiny narrow foreheads beat in rage. One last time they screamed “White Power!”

The clown women thought they finally understood what the Klan was trying to say. “Ohhhhh…” the women clowns said. “Now we understand…”, “WIFE POWER!” they lifted the letters up in the air, grabbed the nearest male clowns and lifted them in their arms and ran about merrily chanting “WIFE POWER! WIFE POWER! WIFE POWER!”

[Link no longer active] - via The Good Reverend

Just a few retorts that came to mind...
Their ugly slogan could easily be heard as:

Nazty Ks: "Wipe our... "
Classy Clowns: "...Snotty snouts!"
Nazty Ks: "Wipe our ... !"
Classy Clowns: "Wipe your own... and potty train!"

and a few more - (Excuse the typo - I can't bring myself to actually write it out):
Nazty Ks: "Wite powr!"
Classy Clowns: "...For pink men?"

Nazty Ks: "Wite powr!"
Classy Clowns: "Dirty laundry!"

Nazty Ks: "Wite power!"
Classy Clowns: "...Holds the rainbow!"

L'oven quiches,
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J.R. says "Fight hate...", which sounds to my ear a bit contradictory~
Dear Lauren refers to it as "foiling", from the word 'foil' - a fencing sword~
The charming element of this form of protest is that it isn't fighting fire with fire, but rather quenching that fire (or at least limiting its spread) with humor~

"White Tower..."
"... mini-burgers!"

Burble Stonefeather
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Actually "foil" as a transitive verb has an origin independent of "foil" the sword. It just means to defeat or thwart, and doesn't necessarily imply violence.
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A "Hate" rally? What has the ARA done about the two WHITES (Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom) that were tortured and killed by BLACKS? ARA is just anti-White.
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who ever wrote this story obviously has a heavy opinion against the VNN (vangard news network) - this is a "sepritist group" not supremasist, and there is a difference, also the VNN were there protesting against an awful crime that was commited black on white, it's their right to show and to speak how they wish, god love america right? and you call them clowns for speaking to what they believe? we all have this right - and wait you're actually downing them for "white power"? yet it's ok for blacks to shout black power? blacks get a pat on the back for being in managment, for having their own record labels and tv stations and programing, but if whites were to do it, it's called "segragation" and that's "wrong" - stop it!
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Here in the United States of America, we do have a few rights left, including the right to wear fake bridal gear, smear our faces with clown makeup, and say ultra-hilarious things while we throw flour in the air. We're even allowed to air our opinions all over those gosh-durn Internets. We don't even have to learn how to spell first!

Rock on, people. I think the clowns are *brilliant.* (Never thought I'd say that!)
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Back power? Yeah, backs need to be stronger, since they support our bodies and all.

White Power? Yes, I believe that whitening teeth is powerful for your appearance. Powerful, indeed.
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A spot-on reaction. Antagonizing neo-Nazi creeps just provokes them to spout stupidity about their "oppression". The clowns had it perfect: make fun of these extremists, who are at core simply pathetic. I have a slogan: Malarian Race?
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Ginger wrongly compares the civil rights chant "Black power!" with the racist polemic "White power!". "Black power" is a response to oppression and disenfranchisement; "White power" as used by these neo-nazi cretins is an unvarnished claim to supremacy. I wonder if she could find the strength of character to peacefully endure such bigotry were she born of different parents.
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This is great!

Also: Burble, good job pwning Ginger's crappy reasoning. I also like how no one even bothered to dignify Adam's moronic statement with a response.
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Good god. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?!

*sigh* I wish it would have been funny years ago at these rallies if Blacks would go around in whiteface.

But i love this. Truly do.
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The NSM are the real clowns. They need to come out the closet. Obviously, their love of uniforms and their worship of the uni-testicled fuhrer show they are just a bunch of drag-queen wannabes.

Not only will they never achieve their silly goal, they are an endless source of hilarity for everyone with an IQ over 60. White bread power!
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Former Knoxpatch resident here. Where were the "anti-racist" protesters when the actual race-based crime was in court? They're protesting against people who said words they didn't like, but not against people who actually did something so horrible I cannot speak of it. I'd like there to be no race-based torture/murders, then we can worry about people thinking the wrong thoughts and saying the wrong words. The VNN are goobers, yes, but the animals who did the crime are far worse. Yep, animals. I guess I'm a "racist" too now.
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Actually, other animals wouldn't torture or maim based on color or species. They kill for survival, and lack the capacity for moral contemplation or any sort of supremacy. Humans are the only animal that harbor the kind of evil that creates hate crimes.

This article made me just a little bit less terrified of clowns!
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This is the best news I have seen in YEARS.

Ignorance silenced, humor and good will triumphed. Local is the best first step.

I feel a new movement coming on... what is it called?
'Humor Mitigation'...
'Perspective Reduction'...
'Clownist Advocacy'...?

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I just want to commend the clowns. Your article, and the video from 2007 gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain some of the extreme racism that goes on in our country (and around the world) to my 9 and 10 year old children. Being white, we can easily remain oblivious of the horrible racism that goes on every day. It wasn't until college that I discovered that racism was still alive, and I was not happy about it. Thank-you for helping me teach my children about the horribleness of racism in a way that didn't leave nasty violent pictures in their head. Truly, it means a lot. Blessings to you all for your work to break apart intolerance.
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Awesome! Now if we could only get those clowns to harass the racists on the other side too...those black panthers who were intimidating voters at the voting booths in Philly......
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Whoever is complaining about the clowns not being there to demonstrate against racially biased crimes and organizations is ridiculously pretending that chanting "White Power" is a relevant protest against a hate crime. "White Power" and "White Pride" are about white supremacy, not racial equality nor merely "separatist."

I grew up in an area where there was a lot of racism and I personally knew Klan members. I know what's said when non-whites aren't around and you think everyone there agrees with your bigotry. Neither VNN nor KKK care about equality. You/they want "racial purity," which is a total joke, and you want it because you/they think everyone who's not a white Christian Protestant is inferior to you and should never be "over" you. So just drop the act.
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Sorry - the above post was meant for the wrong person, I meant #36 not #33

Hate to break it to you, but Black Power is just as racist as White Power. Stop having a double standard.
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My buddy David LaMotte wrote a poem about this action:

And here's the text:
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It's annoying when people try to turn a comment section into a grammar lesson. Go teach English at a school and not in a comment section.
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So funny! I do see what a few people are saying about how white people who are proud of their heritage can be mistakenly seen as white supremacists. Stupid, racist Nazis! You make us all look bad. If I show a hint of being proud of my European roots people think I'm a racist and its not their fault. Its the fault of all the idiot racists. I have many t- shirts that have my Scottish clan symbol on them. I was accused of being a racist because my shirt had the word Clan on it spelled with a "C"! Stupid KKK.
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this is great! next time , where ever, if ever i wanted to do thi in asheville some years ago but it fizzled. next time the klan has a parade we should all go and dress in a culture appropriate gown and hood to show diversity and a level playing feild. that is have tommy hilfiger robes and tye dye robes and hip hop robes and preppy robs and goth robes, parrot head robes, rasta robes, la raza robes and so on and so on. once you dilute the hate and diffuse the friction the words fall empty
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I'm curious to know what the defenders of the VNN/KKK suddenly remember that the KKK also hate certain white people. The Roman and Irish Catholics have been on their sh* lists right after blacks for a long time now.
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Actually it wasn't the 100th ARA, it was Mountain Justice, an anti Mountain Top Removal group, and the video is here.
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@#33, Gee, I don't remember a time when my white ancestors were stolen from their lands, shipped to a new country, kept as slaves, treated like beasts, and were considered chattel. If you're unfamiliar with American history perhaps you should use teh google and your intertubez for good and discover why Black Power! and White Power! are incredibly different things.

I love have some cry that the VNN has a right to have their opinions voiced. They do. Clowns have just as much right to mock them for those opinions.
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Seriously, the claim that "black power" and organizations like NAACP and La Raza are the same as "white power" and the KKK is just ludicrous. Black people and other minorities (and women) NEED to organize and loudly proclaim their pride because of the oppression they have faced and still face to this day. They do it not because they think they are "better" than anyone else, they do it because they HAVE TO IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. Whites (and men) do not have these motivating factors at all. We face no significant disadvantages because of our race or gender. We have nothing to rise up from. The ONLY reason for someone to be a part of an organization that is only available to whites, and only works in the interest of whites, is to keep whites as the dominant social group. Same for groups such as "Men in Power." We already have the power; no one is interested in dominating us, they only wish to be equal. That is why the two are completely different. That is not a double standard. That is simply recognizing the fact that we have two completely different situations with different histories and motivating factors.

Seriously, it's common sense, people.
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White flour makes white bread. How apt. How frustrating it must be to not be taken seriously. Turn about is fair play, especially on an uneven playing field.

Ginger ... your arguments might have more weight if you weren't reinforcing the idea that the group are simply a bunch of uneducated and irrational folks who cannot handle a logical argument or conduct any type of meaningful self analysis. Try spell checker next time.

A demand for power from a group who has had it denied is hardly the same as a statement (re)affirming the (belief in a "right" to) take power (and freedom and opportunity) from others.

Opine on this: just which part of this "heritage" is worth pride and celebration as opposed to recognition of a wrong and contrition in trying to correct it?
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This made my day.
I've seen counter protests but, this one takes the cake. Funny, poignant, effective!!!
And to the morons who think that pro-minority groups are no different that white supremacists or white separatists, get a grip.
There are advocacy groups for people who need advocacy because they are in the minority or facing oppression (by racists like you) and then there are hate groups.

Combatting hate with humour like the clowns did is BRILLIANT. It reduces the white supremacists and racists to what they are, a JOKE.
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Absolutely Outstanding!!! Hatred and Arrogance overcome by Humor, Comedy and Lightheartedness! LOL

My hat off to the Lovely Clowns!!! Keep those smiles coming! =D
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I'm a clown. That was just awesome.

My first time here. What's up with all the racists? Shouldn't you guys be holding secret meetings or something? Geeze, get over it already. Yes, you have a black President. It's not the end of the world. It's called progress.
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Did you know that "Anti Racist Action" is an extremely violent Communist mass murder supporting organization in Europe? hy is it oh so cool when the useful idiots parade their bloodstained Communist flags shouting newspeak like "Racial Diversity is our strength" and "Celebrate are diversity and differences"...then denying there are any differences between the races other than skin color and other than that we are all the same...duh look at the real world and tell us all that pygmy headhunters and Europeans are equally advanced people...they are not...White Western Mans achievements don't need to be acknowledged by liberal whiners and boastful ethnocentric blacks...Whites can simply point around to all of the major advancements by European peoples, least of which advanced rockets and our space program and space station, walking on the moon, computers, you know :dumb white men inventions"...then we look at the pinncale of African Sub Saharan negroid "achievements" i.e. the mud and straw hut...

The Communists say we are all equal and the idiots deny all reality and feel guilty that European people have CREATED the modern world...and we don't NEED to make up inventions...we have something called written languages and photos and film by which to DOCUMENT our peoples achievements...and you can take any white guilt bullshit and stick it you know where if you think I or any other white person is going to feel at all guilty for ANY past deeds of supposed evil ol white people.

Don't fall for stupid goofy tricks...whites NOT blacks are being rapidly ethnically cleansed and replaced by non-whites...pur anti-white racism pure and simple...and if you are ok with the extermination and genocide of white people or make excuses for it...or even think its a "good thing" whites are being reduced to minority status in their own country...then you are an enemy of white people...and NO simpleton...we don't have the white guilt that pervades your entire worldview...whites cant possibly just be left alone, whites and ONLY whites are supposed to absorb tens of millions of third world people who are "less fortunate" and allow them to replace whites in city after city? THAT is the future for white people? looking forward to less and less of your people and more and more hostile non-whites from failed turd world nations pour in and eventually replace your pepople from the face of the earth and racially mix everyone into a huge raceless, faceless brown biomass of low IQ subservient morons? HOw can you say you are FOR diversity when EVERYTHING you're about is mixing all races together to have NO distinct human racial groups. Race is bad you idiots have been brainwashed to believe...neve asking, then why did nature make us, us and other people the way they are?

Hundreds of years ago when the first white men sailed massive ships to new lands the savages, who had no written language or advanced beyond primitive stone age culture...and many still live that way now, today...not to mention the close to 30 MILLION slave NOW, TODAY in Africa BY Africans and Muslims who consider sub Saharan Negroes inferior, kaffirs...

you're entire worldview was given to you by a combination of big media like MTV (multiculti brainwashing...look at white kids who ape black rappers now and speak like asstards, pants below their stuptarded asses...all from ONE channel this came...MTV,we in America have watched it happen....

but the big picture is dumbing down America for easier control is pure Communist
The biggest mass murderers of innocent human life in all of written history by far are Communists. They tell all the useful idiots, hey we're fighting for the workers, join us and defeat those evil productive nations so we can make slave states out of them...the list is're an idiot if you don't know at least basic leftist Communist totalitarian history of free nation after free nation falling to the Communists who used the SAME pathetic slogans all these dumb hyper leftist Communists use now...equality, brotherhood, whites are bad, non whites are good, Christianity is bad atheism (just another religion really) is GOOD...and the STATE should control all aspects of peoples lives from cradle to grave...

and these stupid tard liberal leftist Commies are either blind or stupid because EVERYBODY can see NOW the results of leftist communist murderers..North Korea, China, Cuba...NOBODY is flocking to Communist or socialist nations...and if you don't know that socialism is merely a step to total state control of every aspect of your life...and won't be listening to any "rage against the machine" music against a Communist regime...they will smash any band or anyone else that so much as utters a word against Communism and Communists...these idiot academics always speak highly in glowing terms about Communism, that ghoulish slave state but notice these idiots NEVER move to a Communist country

so let me make it simple for the useful idiots to understand leftist/communist/socialist equals totalitarian government slave state....and thats after the mass murder of millions of innocent people who simply prefer to own their own farm and grow the food they want to grow and benefit from their work...

its always s the spoiled rich kids who blab the most about Communism ...we should oblige them with a new life in North Korea or China...or better yet, Cuba and their "democratic dictatorship" ...pfft idiots

Only whites betray their own people and parse words and arguments about their obvious extermination year after year doing NOTHING to protect THEIR peoples future ...its always about the poor poor minorities WHITES LET LIVE IN THEIR FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!
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May 29th, 2009 at 6:40 am

Being white, we can easily remain oblivious of the horrible racism that goes on every day.

you are truly stupid...being white i can show you MILLIONS of pictures over the years of savage blacks brutalizing, raping and murdering whites in EVERY NATION BLACKS ARE ALLOWED INTO you sheltered IDIOT!!!

"It wasn’t until college that I discovered that racism was still alive, and I was not happy about it."

AKA stupid ass it wasn't until COLLEGE you got brainwashed by the very anti white leftist communist crap they've used to brainwash millions in one country after another USEFUL IDIOT!!

If it is WHITES who are supposedly all racists and have a racist culture...then WHY do millions of non whites FLEE their shithole non white countries and BEG to come here IDIOT!!!

I WISH we showed some guts and backbone and stood up for WHITE PEOPLES interests!!!
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@adam14 - You are an idiot. Why shouldn't we look after the interests of all people? Everyone deserves the same standards of living, regardless of race or gender, and our country has benefited a lot from the culture brought to us by immigration. It is in our interests to mix with a diverse range of people, and you have a very closed-minded view if all you care about are the whites.

Kudos to the clowns, what an awesome protest =D
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Whites are superior because of our CULTURE. From the ashes of the Roman Empire arose a vibrant and creative European worldview that conquered the world!

It's so powerful that when a black babe is raised by white parents, he can become President!
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@adam14 - You, my friend, are pathetic. Just pathetic. And dear god, were your parents members of the KKK or something?

And please, if you're going to argue in favor of white people, you really should learn how to use English properly.

Anyways, hooray for the clowns!

Also, leaving comments under someone else's name is not cool. Seriously.
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You seem to be very angry and filled with hate.

"Hate" has a way of attacking your being, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. Please be careful to not let your built up anger damage your mind and body.

I think you have the right to preserve your heritage. The wonderful thing is, there is enough room on this planet for us all.

From a black man
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blumberton - History FAIL.

After Rome collapsed Europe slipped into the dark ages. Meanwhile, Islamic empire united Persia, Byzantium, north Africa and southern Europe. The accumulated knowledge from the Romans, Greeks and many others lead directly to the renaissance which brought Europe out of the dark ages. This is what forms what you refer to as "vibrant and creative European worldview".

Go clowns!
-- Mark
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Excellent! Go, clowns, go!

As for the white supremacists who commented here, ... get a clue folks, or better yet, an education. I wonder what y'all will make of me, since I'm white, politically slightly-right-of-centre, was born in Africa to people who were also born in Africa (and so on for a couple generations), am under a black government, voted for a mostly black conservative Christian party in the last election, and am perfectly happy in my own country with no desire to emigrate to the USA or anywhere else.

All men are created equal, guys, and I reckon if you have a problem with that it says more about you than about anyone else ... so, let's keep sending in the clowns! :)
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You need to learn U.S history. Long before there were black slaves in America, the aristocrats that were settling here were enslaving white people. This is where the surname Freeman comes from. Remember that British society is based on class, not race. To those aristocrats, there was no difference between a white or black pauper. In fact, many Native Americans passed themselves off as black so they would be treated better. This make a lot of genealogy research very difficult and often leads people to the conclusion that they have black ancestors, when they may have actually been native American. There are millions of people in the U.S descended from slaves - black, white, red, and yellow.

Additionally, slaves from Africa were not stolen - at least, not by American settlers. They were sold by their own people. Whose worse - a drug dealer or a user??

Racism is silly, but trying to give a particular race exclusive rights to slavery is ignorant. Humans have been enslaving each other since we came into existence.
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