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Only 13% Of The September Issue Of Vogue Is Editorial

Of Vogue’s 840 pages, 727 are ads. Via Pixelsurgeon. (Actually that's good news to me. The best part of most magazines, and especially fashion magazines, is the ads.)

"...The best part of most magazines, and especially fashion magazines, is the ads...."

Huh? I really have trouble understanding people that buy such crappy magazines.
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Sadly, I wish I could say that this phenomenon is confined to needlessly expensive fashion magazines, but I remember the situation was much the same back in those halcyon days when I would be magazines like Transworld Skateboarding.
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Engadget has ads? I would have never guessed. Seeing ads is part of my past since I started using Adblock Plus. I hate wasting bandwidth for ads.
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"But you don’t have to pay to read a blog. I don’t mind the concept of advertising, but I’m not going to pay to read it."

There was the a time when I went berserk about every single ad that appeared on my screen. Now that I am a regular reader of multiple blogs for quite some time I start to understand the implications of the business.
I started to understand that almost none of the blogs I use to read could exists without ads.
But nonetheless I use adblock. And there is a reason for it; I like to read. I appreciate good content. But I am not willing to let my reading being disturbed by blinking, irritating stuff. I am not willing to participate in a forum where the posts are interrupted by something, some intellitxts and whole paragraphs of something poppig up and links trying to fool me into clicking on them and then buying stuff I'd never need ever. Ever.
A sidebar with google ads. A decent banner here and there. I am willing to accept that. But the industry went to far. Some webadmins went to far.
There is a fair balance in everything. And that is why I use adblock and alter my hosts file.
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I think ads are acceptable as long as they're good an clever ones, but I may be biased since that is my supposed area of expertise, I'm supposed to be up to date with ads and stuff like that.

The pictures in these mags are not bad either, of course that there must be bad ones in there but such is life.
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Well I certainly get Vogue for free because I'm a writer.

So who pays to get Vogue?

People buy the fashion magazines for the advertisements because the ads are the ways these companies communicate to other people in their field.

Working in retail, you read the fashion ads like programmers read Slashdot.

More ads equal more content. That's what vogue essentially markets, the ads.

It's as if no one here knew that, and that kind of illiteracy is a little scary.
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