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Chupacabra Found in Texas?

Photo: Eric Gay/AP

Was the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra found (at last) in Texas?

Canion believes she may have the head of the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra.

"It is one ugly creature," Canion said, holding the head of the mammal, which has big ears, large fanged teeth and grayish-blue, mostly hairless skin.

Canion and some of her neighbors discovered the 40-pound bodies of three of the animals over four days in July outside her ranch in Cuero, 80 miles southeast of San Antonio. Canion said she saved the head of the one she found so she can get to get to the bottom of its ancestry through DNA testing and then mount it for posterity.


It looks like a wolf or other canid with a very severe case of mange. The head is rather oddly shaped, though.

For reference, a wolf with severe mange looks like this:
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So, so, so, so, so, so, very fake. I would love for something like this to be real, but come on, look at that picture. More likely that she is a mediocre to decent clay artist. I have seen more realistic special effects in B-movies.
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Much as I ADORE the idea of something as silly as a mythical 'goat sucker,' this just makes me sad. Dogs deserve better than that
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It is definitely a real head. This was on TV and they took tissue samples. The expert (before the tissue sampling) said it was a grey fox with mange. No word on the DNA yet.
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How could that thing even suck blood a mouth of that shape? Even if its a real animal (looks very fake), its probably just some type of pig or canine. Funny though!
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ok yall bitches need to keep yaw comments to yawself. who gives a fuck if yaw think its clay or watever. we dont need those lame ass commments. and i dont no wat it is it mite be a gray fox or it mite be a chupacbra? hell we dont no there are alot of weird things out there and god can create watever he wants. think bout dat!
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actually, it's a mix of different things. coyote being one, and mexican wolf another, and some other strains of DNA as well.
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ok Hi everyone, i work for phylis and who ever said its a fox is crazy do u know how big a foxs is, its smaller then the chupa. The DNA came back from California and they told us that it is part mexican wolf and coyote. They are yet to know y it has no hair and no it does not have mange .They did test to see, all if u want to know more go to its the offical web sit also we still have shirts and we are about to get black shirts in to.

Well have a nice day and if anymore questions go to the websit are just email me bye
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The head looks like some one could have made it, but maybe the photo quality wasn't very good. I saw one of these animals on the way to Mexico outside of Laredo in Oct.2000. It was dead by the road. I wasn't positive what it was & wasn't feeling brave enough to go back to look. It had a color that made me think of a dead body- a light grayish purple & looked hairless from my truck. It was about the size of my malimute/wolf mix. I had never even heard of a chupacabra @ that time. Being young & from the Missouri, Kansas, & Iowa areas, this thing really tripped me out. I was glad to finally have an identity for this thing. I'm even more pleased to have what the mix is. These may not be Chupacabra, but definately real and freaky looking.
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ok everybody.... this is a canine of some sort.. not a chupacabra. you can see right above the tounge where the wiskers would be... now i cant explain why its missing all its hair, but honestly it doesnt matter. it looks just like a dog or something... enough said
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sorry i said that wrong... you can see the holes where the wiskers would be. thats what i meant. and it looks as if it had some sort of skin disease. and its skin is all hard. you can tell by looking at the ears that are prety much still sticking up... i could be wrong but it seems the most logical.
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Please everyone keep an open mind. New species are out there that have yet to be discovered and many more distinct every day. Evolve or die. Science girl...
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its real, it is part of the canine family. I believe its the destruction of habitat and human activity destroying is causeing animals to cross breed that are not meant to, creating "mutants" if you will. or a speacies thats inbred for so long it pops out a mutant, and the mutant breeds creating what you see. and to who ever says its not chupacabra, open your mind. until we have better proof this could vary well be the creature that we seek. and so far it is until we descover another creature we cannot identify.
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This is obviously a dogs head. Not clay, no photo editing, just a dead mangey dog. Certainly no goatsucker. I'd like to see the rest of the body. I'm sure it has all the normal features of a dog. It looks exactly like "the turner beast" from turner maine, which of course turned out to be, after dna testing, a dog.
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