I'm 55% Bionic, How About You?

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To promote the new Bionic Woman series (anyone think this is going to last more than a few episodes?), NBC has created the Bionic Assessment Test. The test is five very short mini games testing hand-eye, memory, and math skills. Apparently, there's unlockable content if you score 75% or better. Since I apparently have no hope of achieving that distinction, I offer a no-prize to the first commenter that can describe the unlockable content in the comments below. (More Neatorama bionic posts here.)

And since this is my first Neatorama post, here's a bit about me: the last three books I enjoyed were George R.R. Martin's A Feast For Crows, China Mieville's The Scar, and Peggy Rathmann's 10 Minutes till Bedtime; last two comic books I enjoyed were Kurt Busiek's third Conan collected volume (The Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories), and Warren Ellis's Iron Man: Extremis; and my all-time favorite movies are Get Shorty and The Freshman. Feel free to mock/compliment my taste and/or "bionicness" below, or at my own site.

*Update: Congratulations to Steven for being the first to 75%, and being clever enough to cheat. I'm sure you would have dominated the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Check your email for your no-prize. (I'm glad I didn't invest a lot of time in attaining 75%, that prize seems a bit lackluster.)

I'm 54% Bionic :p I can't type at the best of times, plus the keyboard on screen seemed to be off my keys by a space! Anyhoo, anyone interested in the new show?
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Bah, I'm 52% bionic ... got a 100% on that 'hearing' test but flubbed the blasted "running" test utterly! Still that was rather fun, huzzah for my inadequately organic components =P

And anybody who introduces themselves by relating what books and comics they've read recently seems pretty danged good to me (actually I'm currently trying to get into Chia Mellville's Perdito Street Station myself, I get the feeling I -will- enjoy it if I manage to get through the first chapter ...) anyway, hello! =)
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Perdido Street Station was the first book I read by him, and I found the first 200 pages or so painfully slow. In fact, I put it aside for a month or two. Eventually (and thankfully) I went back to it. It really picks up. The Scar is fantastic and the third book in the series was also very good (although a bit too blatantly communist for my taste).
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I got exactly 75% on the 8th try. Some hints are to write down the asdf order and the pic stuff, and for the keyboard hunt and peck works. I got 100% on the running one and 75% on the math.

I unlocked a short video. The bionic woman turns around while in a dark alley to see a thug come out. She begins to assess him with her bionic eye with a split screen effect (left side is regular/right side is bionic assessment). Her assessment show a knife in his right hand. He walks toward her and asks if she is looking for something. He slashes at her and she grabs his hand, knocks the knife up into the air, knocks thug onto his back, catches knife out of air, and puts it to thug's neck. This is done quickly in a fluid motion but not so fast as to not catch it.

I tried to get a better score to see if it would unlock more or better stuff, but I couldn't.
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I was 77% bionic on my first try. What I got was pretty lame--4 second clip of two people stuck in an elevator with alarms and "security breach" blaring in the background. I don't think either of them was even the Bionic Woman.
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If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'. And I got about 55% four straight times before deciding to write stuff down.

I went back and did it again. After getting 82%, I unlocked another short video. One guy turns to another and asks how long til she's combat ready. The other replies that she's a civilian. That was it two whole lines.
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Haha, I got 68%... On my first try... No cheating.

Do I get a cookie?

I messed up the hearing thing, but I got 75% straight for the first 3 tests...
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I can't get past the first test... I've been able to touch type since I was about ten years old. I can type faster than I can talk, and I never need to check my hands to see what I'm typing. So having to completely relearn a whole new keyboard layout is so confusing...
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I hope the show lasts more than a few episodes; I've seen the pilot and it's suprisingly good. There are a lotta folks from the new Battlestar Galactica involved with it, and who would've thought that show could be good?
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