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I Can't Even Title This Post

I've spent all morning trying to come up with a post title, and I failed. There are no words that even come close to the sheer brick wall of mixed emotions I experienced after watching this.

I think this manages to cover every category, from Incredible to Horrifying...

My first thought when I saw the picture was, "That must be in China." Sure enough...

I wonder why there are so many strange deformities in China? Is it because of the horrific pollution in the environment? Or is it merely because their medical system sucks so bad that things are allowed to get to this point?
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i don't want to see stuff like this. the megadactyly almost got neatorama unsubscribed an hour ago. now this. "interesting" and "neat" are not synonyms. i read digg for interestingorama, because i can click links or not click as i see fit. "20 kg facial tumor" would not have gotten a click from me, but hey! there it was in my feed reader anyway.

no more, okay? "interesting" encompasses sad, crippling deformity, whereas "neat" does not. interesting is for digg. neat is for you.
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I'm noticing that a lot of the wildest human deformity cases (like "world's largest hand" story posted earlier) come out of China.
I wonder if they had a nuclear accident and kept it to themselves.
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They also have a huge population, so it's not entirely surprising that out of all those people there are some that happen to be the tallest, have the biggest hand, etc. in the world.
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I thought the girl born without a face (aka. Julianna Wetmore) was bad enough, this has raised the human-deformation bar another notch.
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Most human oddities in recent years are Eastern in origin with Asia being the leader. This is due to a number of factors. Population and access to medical care - not quality, but usually geographical isolation from - being the main contributers.
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I've not watched this, but the picture reminds me very much of someone I saw in Little India, Singapore about 2 years ago, although they were not as severely deformed as the person in this story. Since then I've often hoped they were in Sigapore for treatment and not someone simply abandoned to their own fate by that wealthy nation.
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It would be "neat" if the surgery was a fantastic success and he got his life back, but it seems that Neatorama now seems to think that the misfortune of folks in various different situations is worthy of including with all the actual real neat stuff they post.

Alex: you need to reign these contributors in. Otherwise this site will continue moving in the direction of sicko disturbing sites like and all the other depraved crap out there.
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For just two minutes contemplate having to deal with that every day: How different your life would be.
If you can, well, that would be life affecting, and if you change just a little because of it, then THAT would be neat.
Thanks Neatorama.
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god, I've got tears stinging my eyes.

That poor man.

I'm always amazed at the strength of personality displayed by people in these situations.

I'd have killed myself long since.
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@Becki: There's a fundamental difference between the way this item was presented here and the way it might be presented on a more "depraved" site. The contributor made it clear that this was an upsetting piece, and the tone was one of sympathy and sorrow, not "OMFG you gotta see this weirdo! lol"

Yes, it would be wrong to call this "neat" but that wasn't the intent of the post. Whether or not something that isn't neat should be featured on Neatorama is a different argument which I won't go into except to say that I am fine with posts like this as long as they are presented with tact, as was the case here.
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thanks Neatorama!
I agree with others, that, while this is a bizarre and disturbing story, it is also definitely worth seeing. Personally, I find it quite uplifting that the man has the courage and determination to continue fighting the things holding him back. great human interest story.
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this is what happens to carbon based life forms in a country that has no controls over using toxic products for greed and global dominance. i hope they are kicking him back a disability check at least.
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