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Hardcore Rollerblading

Heh. Standing upright on inlines is for wussies.

Of course, the wipeouts redefine the meaning of "road rash", but still...

Yeah, what they said. I didn't see a brake on that thing.
Road rash can be dealt with. Hitting a guard rail or a solid wall head first would re-prioritize your life in a big hurry.
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Hahaha G.G.! Excellent use of emoticons...

My first though was "why is that guys wearing Bender suit to rollerblade?" and why was it familiar?

Then it hit me why it looked so familiar: we've featured Jean-Yves Blondeau or Rollerman before. Without the custom-made 31-wheel suit, he looked positively geeky!

Excellent find, Denita!
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Thanks, Alex!

When I first read your comment, I thought I'd committed the Deadly Sin Of Re-Posting. Thankfully I hadn't--but you're right, Jean-Yves looks like an underfed stork without his getup on!

And G. G.: EMOTICONS FTW!! ;-)

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i think there were brakes on that thing dan.
if you listen close enough you could hear the squealing when he starts to turn in and sometimes you could see the brake trails.

anyways pretty dam awesome...hope it becomes a sport soon it'd be amazing to see a race with everyone wearing one of these.
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I suppose you could call those "brakes." Essentially he turns some of the wheels sideways, like an ice skater. The trails are from him either digging part of his suit into the road or from the wheels turning sideways.

I wasn't sure how fast he was going until he caught and passed those motorcyclists.

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