Coexist Bumper Sticker

Here's a neat bumper sticker spotted by Flickr user Phantom Scribbler: symbols of the world's religions (and philosophical movements, I suppose) used to spell out "coexist"!

Link to larger pic [Flickr] - via straydog scraps

Oh, and there is the Coexist t-shirt (likely not related to the bumper sticker) -

"Yankees still suck" on a car from Oklahoma. Okla wasn't one of the Confederate States. It was Indian territory and property of the U.S. govt. YANKEE COUNTRY. LOL
I love telling that joke to my "Okie" co-workers.
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it's also an internationally travelling art / billboard exhibit, coming to my home town in a few weeks:
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I just saw the same bumper sticker on the inside of this cd today. I've not listened to it yet, but plan to. I found out about it on Radio Paradise and bought the CD because I liked it. I was surprised to see the very COEXIST bumper sticker from neatorama inside the jacket.
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As a Muslim, I really like the bumper sticker. It contains representation of all the major religions, but it importantly shows the Islamic symbol first and the Christian symbol last. The Islamic symbol is also the largest of them all.

All Dhimmis should have this bumper sticker on their cars. Islam is the true religion.
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