Caption Monkey 6: Walrus Presents a Car.

From China Daily: A walrus poses next to a car at the 14th Dalian International Automotive Industry Exhibition in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning Province, August 16, 2007. More than 800 vehicles from China and overseas are on display during the four-day show opened on Thursday.

Yay! It’s time for another Neatorama’s Caption Monkey game, where the funniest caption wins a Free Monkey Drawing by Ape Lad of Hobotopia.

Rules are simple: one caption per comment, you can submit as many as you’d like. You can also vote for your favorite comment (no, not your own).

Funniest caption will receive a free monkey drawing - you name the monkey and Ape Lad will draw it for you - if you don’t win, but still want a monkey or other critters, you can buy one directly from Ape Lad (worth the money!)

Update 8/28/07: Congratulations to the winner Jan #12 for the genius "HAS BUKKET SEATS!!!!" comment!

"look at the funny silly asians doing things white people wouldn't dream of doing! look honey! look at all the silly asians! silly! do they have color in their televisions yet? silly silly asians!"
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Tusky tried desperately to ignore the voice whispering "sellout!" in his head--he had a family to consider, after all. Those Corvette dreams were as distant as his days trolling for hot cows in Puget Sound...
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"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of hubs—and caps—and Turtle wax—
Of carburators—and rings—
And why the seat is leatherette—
And whether shocks have springs."
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"Well, apparently, I'm eventually going to be driving this thing around...but if you want MY opinion, Trainer Ape-Lad is spending waaay too much time trying to teach me how to tie my own apron. I mean, really, you should see my finger dexterity scores...he needs to let it go."
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"For being the offspring of a sea-cow and Dom DeLouise, Starla thought she'd done rather well for herself in the harsh, yet glamorous world of modeling."
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In what has become a long string of unsuccessful attempts by Chinese auto makers to capture a portion of the American market, Chery Automobiles today unveiled their newest small car using an 800 lb female walrus to demonstrate the relatively expansive interior, apparently unaware that most Americans find it insulting to be compared with the large sea-dwelling animal.
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And a more-refined version:

"With only a flimsy plastic car to protect him from the gathering hungry natives, Chumley anxiously awaited the return of his friends Tennessee Tuxedo and Mr. Whoopee... Looks like this is the end... "
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