United States Poverty Map.

This map shows the poverty level of each county in the United States, according to information from the 2000 census. http://www.visualizingeconomics.com.nyud.net:8080/2007/08/11/united-states-poverty-map/ -via Cynical-C

200 Census Data? Wow; didn't think records for North America went back that far. ;o)

Interesting to go to the Social Explorer map thingy and see how the colors for poverty coincide with the map showing Native American population concentrations. Especially in my home state of SD.
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Since this map is of 2000 it is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS.

Thanks to the Bush Whitehouse I think you'd be horrified to see what it looks like in 2007.
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Should have used red and blue colors instead ... would have mapped nicely to the 2000 election (ironic that the poorest areas are now voting republican).
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ah, statistics! take it as it..... or think : what is poverty, what is its level? what defines it? what would it be in another country? in another G8 country? what would it really be in puerto rico?

This map is [nearly] useless, only its comparison with previous data, to see the geographical evolution of poverty, or crossing it with other data as suggested by Dave, would be intersting.
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I live in Puerto Rico and i gotta say that if we were that bad in 2000 we are even worse in 2007.The economy is in shambles,to my understanding a lot of the workforce must be working at $5 an hour getting less than the average yearly income of like Miss.

People can barely get by.Thanks the Spaghetti Monster for food coupons,public housing and US citizenship so we can get the fuck out of here when things get really bad.

At leasts we are a lot better than lots of other countries so we gotta thank the US government for that.
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Ever notice that Politicians like John Edwards who go out and do "poverty" tours are the richest people in our nation? In a free trade market you are rewarded for your effort. Poverty in the US is nothing like that of the developing world or of Africa. If you are poor in the US it is because you are either stupid, lazy, medically unable to make your own money, and possibly all of the above. India has a growing gap between rich and poor. Is that a bad thing? No! It simply means that thier economy is growing. Unlike Feudalism, in capitalism when the rich get richer everyone benefits.
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I hope you are a troll Ben.

If you're not, from your comments it is pretty clear that you are white and above the poverty level... yet somehow you're still a fucking idiot, which by your own argument means you shouldn't have the money you do.

I guess maybe you're wrong?
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Ben is an idiot, he must have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a horse shoe up his ass. For people like him, who think their in control of their own destiny, will never know what tomorrow will bring.
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