Threat Level Security Blanket

Jessica Vitkus of AlternaCrafts created this colorful "threat levels" security blanket:

Endorsed by the White House and Fox News, this colorful scrap quilt is a guide to our ever-changing security alert levels. Each level is labeled with embroidery to distinguish a DHS Blanket from a gay-pride flag. (Note: Blanket is not a safety device. In case of a terrorist attack, DHS Blanket will not protect you.)

Link - via Boing Boing

skh.pcola - the *blanket* trivializes the threat of terrorism? Not the rainbow scale? The rainbow scale that we only hear about when good news for Democrats or bad news for Republicans is dominating the news cycle?
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Absolutely this trivializes the threat of terrorism. By relegating the utility of the security threat levels to such a mundane object as a gay-looking quilt, the seriousness of both the threat of terrorism and the usefulness of the security alerts is made a mockery of.

I suppose that nobody would have a problem with me making and selling quilts with the grand pedophile of Islam (that would be mohammed) depicted on them? Hmmm. I bet that idea would go over like a soup sandwich around these parts.
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Are you saying the Homeland Security Threat Level scale is as sacred and revered an icon to you as Muhammad is to Muslims? In that case, I apologize for my insensitivity. Still love the blanket, though.
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No, the threat level scale isn't sacred to me in the least, although I am cognizant of its utility in informing the public-at-large of the threat of terroristic activity. Mohammed isn't sacred to me in the least, since he is the figurehead for a cult of cave-dwelling, ululating, head-chopping morons.

Think of an analogue for this: Construct a "fun" video that expounds the virtues of drinking and driving. You (in the general sense) are trivializing the very real dangers of DWI. In my mind, this "blanket" does the same thing, with respect to Islamofascist terrorism.

CheeseDuck: I'm just going to assume that you are just another America-hating left-wing asshole who can't think for himself/herself. Why do fuckwits like you assume that anybody who loves the U.S. loves Bush? You are incontrovertibly incorrect, but it is obvious that you are anti-American, left-wing retard.
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skh.pcola: By being as unnecessarily verbose as you have been, you make me think that your argument is relying upon the structure of the sentences you're forming, and not on its actual substance.

In response to the "pedophile of Islam" comment, fuck off.

And I'm not planning on revisiting this site, so don't bother to write a retort (unless you just feel like being wordier than necessary again...).

Ciao, mother-fucker. I shouldn't have wasted my time on you.
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