What Else Can It Be Used For?

Every Wednesday, Kris Bordessa of Great Solutions to Team Challenges blog put up a question: what else can an ordinary object, normally associated with just one function, be used for?

For instance, when she asked what else can this lowly bread tab be used for, her readers replied:

Pony Tail barrette for My Little Pony.

Nostril accessory (instead of a piercing).

A restraining device for a very, very tiny perpetrator.

It's a key ring as well as a tool that replaces divets on a putting green.

And it could be half of a pair of snowshoes for a squirrel.

Kris contends that this sort of thing helps spur kids' creativity: Link | Homepage - Thanks Kris!

Actually, a very practical use is to slip it over the strap peg (and of course, over the strap) on your guitar or bass. Your strap is almost guaranteed to remain on the peg.
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These bread bag clips make wonderful "mini-shuriken" as well!

If you break one of the 2 "claws" off, you can then hook the remaining claw on the tip of your middle finger. Then, by flicking your middle finger with your thumb, you'll send the clip spinning through the air fast (REALLY fast) and far. It's a great cheap toy, but a bit dangerous -- it's *really* easy to nail somebody in the eye as they travel quite fast and are difficult to see coming. Be warned... any kid you show this too will be quite a menance.
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every kid in my neighbourhood (hull, uk) collected these on their bmx/budgie brake cable, it wasnt uncommon to see hundreds on one bike
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