J-Exhibit Caricatures

This Jack Nicholson caricature, and other really great artwork at the link (Flash Required). Please be sure to look at the Bruce Willis one!!

Really amazing! Link - via Frederik Samuel

Ok...heres what I assumed this artist did. First he took common pictures and opened them in a goo program (photoshop, whatever). He then exaggerated features (ala...pinch this, pull that) till he got them the way he wanted them. He then printed out the picture and used the exaggerated photo for reference for the actual painting. Sure theres still skill involved...but its not hard when you know how its done. :P
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One: I do hate flash also
Two: All caricatures are original paints, he may be using photo refrences but not photoshoped neither printed, as you can see in the textures it's an oil paint or the like
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Nora, that's such a naive statement. It's akin to looking at a nice sketch and saying, "I think what the artist did is take the sharp end of a pencil, the end that makes a line, and rubbed it against a piece of paper. It's a nice sketch, but not so hard once you know how it's done." Software is just a tool, like any other, and knowing how a tool works doesn't make you an talented artist -- or, apparently, a talented critic.
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the paintings are amazing

i like the site, for those how hate flash that doesn't mean it is bad, ok there are a few thing that can be done better but you guys have to learn how to criticize
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well you dont have to learn people have the choice to skip and explore so what is wrong about that, this site is not selling anything and is not a public service is an online exhibition, yes there have to be some more obvious areas but pretty bad done, mmmmm show me your site to see how accessible it is

yes that is a good book

flash hater ;)
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When the interface is so bad it actually detracts from the content, or dissuades the person from visiting the site, yes that's a bad design. I didn't think we'd need to spell it out for mike's benefit.
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The gallery is great and the artist also. As for the website it's funny that almost all of you agree that navigation and/or website suck. You have no ideea of webdesign and websites .
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Your drawings are fantastic! It would be great if you would share them with our community at http://www.wittygraphy.com. Wittygraphy is the largest social network to share, discuss, promote, buy and sell caricatures. We have a large user base of caricature fans to provide more exposure to your artwork. Participation of artists means a lot to our community.
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