Caption Monkey 4: Sense of Impending Doom!

It's time for a Caption Monkey game! You can win a Free Monkey Drawing by Ape Lad of Hobotopia, simply by submitting the funniest caption.

The rules are simple: write a funny but civil caption in the comment section (one per caption per comment, you can submit as many as you can think of). You can also vote for whichever comment tickles your funny bone.

Funniest caption will receive a free monkey drawing - you name the monkey and Ape Lad will draw you one (see for example: the Neatorama Monkey, the whole Monkey! set at Flickr, and this cool YouTube clip of the drawing process). If you don't win, but still want a monkey (or any other critter), you can buy one directly from Ape Lad (it's worth it!).

Congratulations to Shawn #108 who won last week's Caption Monkey game

Go to it!

Update 8/9/07 - congratulations to Sid Morrison #28 who wrote the winning caption: The Ass of Damocles. If you don't know what it's in reference to, check out: The Sword of Damocles.

Mrs. Damocles dog, Timaeus, was later found to be hypertensive and exceedingly agitated. Quite rare in dogs apparently. Experts are investigating any outside sources for Timaeus' condition.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) if I creep slowlyyy to the right...WAIT! The waiter is bringing her cabbage and beans!!! Doesn't he know NOT to add fuel to a highly combustable situation!! Must...hold...nose...AAAGGGGG!
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It had all gone downhill for Gidget. First Taco bell dropping his contract, then his wife leaving him for a Shit-zu and to top it all off, a substantial unpaid debt for a high-grade dog food addiction. It was time to leave this cruel cruel world.
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Heisenberg's lesser-known theory -- that a dog's size is inversely proportional to the size of its owner's buttocks -- failed to impress Nobel judges despite incontrovertible photo evidence.
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