This is why you shouldn't let them play with sharp objects! Thankfully, the little guy seemed to recover all right, with only a little scarring to remind him what not to do with forks: Link

The fork is acting as a plug to stop the bleeding, that's why you don't pull it out. Poor kid. : ) What a great story to tell when he grows up haha.
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Looks fake to me, although the idea of the fork plugging any bleeding is an interesting explanation, there should be at least minimal blood near the wound, redness around the wound, or dare I say it snot, as I know my nose would run after such pain.

Just to clean of an injury pic, I mean my forks are not sharp enough to make such a clean wound :-P
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And this once more proves that a good amount of children are idiots. Thankfully I outgrew that phase...*trips and impales himself on his potted plant* :P
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Eugh, I really do wish you wouldn't post pictures of injuries without a warning. It's not that I can't stomach the gore or anything like that - I love action movies and red meat and such - I just hate seeing people suffer.
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eek, cut off comment.
@ Akiro-

trust me, not fake, my little cousin did that (while in my care, no less) by tripping while helping set the table and it looked exactly the same except he had 2 prongs impaled instead of 3.

Unfortunately he was at that phase (around 5 years old) that after he got over the pain he thought it was "way cool" he could get a fork through his nose and decided that if he could do it again without it hurting he would...luckily he hasn't tried.
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