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Amazing Levitation by Chris Angel

Criss gives us an example of why his last name happens to be Angel.

Link [YouTube] - via

Look at all those normal everyday people being amazed! I sure can relate to them! If I were there Id be amazed too! People like me wouldnt lie about this kind of stuff! Gee-wizz, this really must be true!
That chris angel guy sure is weird looking. Look at all those alternative clothes and jewelry! I aint never known anybody who looked like that, he must be magic!
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Yeah, Criss does do some legitimate (and pretty skillful) in-person street levitation illusions, but this appears to be fancy camera editing and probably some wires.

More than likely, he did do some sort of levitation illusion for the crowd, but the more spectacular parts of this video were edited in later.
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"Criss gives us an example of why his last name happens to be Angel."

Not quite...his real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos.

He's OK, I guess. But he gives me the strong impression he's trying to out-glamour David Seth Kotkin--er, I mean, David Copperfield... ;-)

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He performs the same illusions as many other illusionists/magicians. He does perform them quit well actually but the thing that bothers me about his television show is the level to which they try and sell the "real magic" angle. Not the kind of thing I thought I'd see on Neatorama.

As for this video it employs a pretty common technique where he performs an illusion and the crowd reaction is filmed, then special effects are edited in. The same thing is done in all of David Blane's television shows. I like the commentary of "are you getting this" as if if were shot by a passerby who happened to have multiple cameras at every angle
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Angel is fake, period. All of his "illusions" appear to be done in front of regular bystanders, but those bystanders all act a little too surprised by what they're seeing, and they go WAY overboard in trying to appear authentic for the camera, "WOWEE!, OH MAN LOOK AT THAT!!, THAT IS THE MOST STUPENDOUS AND LEGITIMATE THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!, AND ITS REALLY REAL, BELIEVE ME!!" . Actors? Simply in on the trick? I don't know, but it all smells like BS to me.
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I'd much rather see a less-amazing illusion done by skill and tricks by the magician than an amazing one done through the skill and tricks of the cameras.
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Vonskippy Says:

Proving once again:

“Simple minds ARE easily amused”.


Was this crap posted on some Christian channel by the way? Cause it sure smells like it.
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hehe would have been more "authentic" looking if he faked a fall at the end. Something to make it look like he was really trying. :P
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amen to flatluigi. this has nothing to do with magic. this is all done with editing, special effects, wire removal rotoscoping, etc. i love good magic and even good street magicians. love it! but this is crap.
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Smoke and mirrors...Smoke and mirrors...

Yeah, this is definetely edited. Anyone who believes this man can single-handedly defy all laws of physic should get their head examined.
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It's still a neat ILLUSION. Taken as that, and nothing more, it's pretty cool.

I was pretty impressed with some of his other skills that he showed when he was on Oprah, but they weren't any more "magical"... reading body language, for example. It takes skill, but most people could probably learn to do it.
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Well, he's an illusionist, it's his job to perform illusions. Anyone that's outraged at him being fake is sort of missing the point. I did the David Blaine levitation thing once for a couple of people and their faces went white, it was hilarious. I was just a bit scared at what people are prepared to believe though. As soon as I explained how I did it, they were like "oh, man, I am so dumb," but still...
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Hi. I'm a professional magician/illusionist (despite the common sense, it´s the same thing) from Brazil, writer of a book called "Imagica", about magic Theory and Psichology and want to say something:
Most of magicians don´t like Blaine and Angel style and way of amazing people. They are good sometimes, but most of time, they sucks. When a magician needs fake bystanders or/and camera, special efects or post-edition manipulation of images, he isn´t doing the truly MAGIC ART. Magic is a Art and this guys aren´t good artists.
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I agree with Trey. It's made for entertainment, but I think he could have done a better job of it.

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I am an expert on cranes and various kinds of string/rope.

You can see, at the very beginning as he makes his initial lift, that there is a slight shimmy as the string he's using (most likely some kind of piano string/fish string) to the side - and that basically gives it away.
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I'd be amazed if he did some backflips, like olympic gymnasts do! Now, those olympic gymnasts are people who truly amaze me... and Michael Jordan, who could fly!!!

Since he didn't do any of that, I call it bullshit! Big time BS.

If he did actually levitate, I'd expect to see him in all the scientific and religious publications, 60-Minutes, Late Night TV shows, meeting with the Pope, meeting with Bush, etc.
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"Chris Angel, you don't really have magical powers!"
This is what most of you people are saying here. How dare he entertain people. Magic and illusions like this are extremely difficult to arrange and perform correctly and my hat goes off to anyone who can master it to the level that Chris does. All he is doing it trying to entertain folks.
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The boy is good and David Copperfield tricks are so lame and so 1970's. Excuse me but, can you guys please stop drinking all of that hater raid.
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hahaa okay wow,
first of all its CRISS Angel
its on A&E so its not a christian show
for whoever said that.

im defiantly a fan of his i mean i've
done my research and found out many of
his tricks arnt real i've played them
over &over &found out the secrets but

why do you caree?
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haaa oh yea
how dare rappers entertain!
oh yeah i a fat guy with baggy clothes
a microphone and i few words a string

only a few rappers actually have talent.
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i could say alot of things about this:
-the shimery thing was his watch or jacket zipper
-if it was camera editing it wouldnt look
so real you could probaby tell if you really
looked at it
-at the end how could he have landed so quickly
on the ledge if it was a crane? &still not be able to
see a little line of obvious string?
-do you see any cranes or helicopters around?

now i know its just an illusion but im pretty sure theres no strings or hooks. ohh&david's levitation is most likly different than christhopers.
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I saw the new illusion show where he is a judge a while back. i think it is off the air now. He is hands down the most "bling" accessorized male on TV. When will that fad be over with?
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It's real-in the sense that he is moving from building to building. But he's being carried by the invisible hand of the jinn-a creature created by God. The jinn are invisible but given great powers by God. In history, many people have been carried around by the jinn-"flying" all over the place. However, it is wrong to use the jinn to do things. Criss is a an evil person, because to get the jinn to help you, he must have done something immoral.
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Maybe its not magic,could be just real. Jesus walked on water, turned water into wine healed people and levitated into heaven. He warned that false prophets whould come in the end times. Maybe criss is part of the satanic trinity. the one who is the false prophet who performs many miracles Revelation 13:3 Just look at the criss angel uncovered in google, Has anyone completed all the so called magic trics that criss has done?? or are they just thoeries?? Give me a page where he is uncovered act by act. People used to think the world was flat, but is it? Have you been above the earth to prove this for your self? It is by faith that you beleive right. Take a close look at his work, I think he is more than a magician.
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