Charley is a cute and obviously well-loved cat who has cerebellar hypoplasia. Push play or go to YouTube. -via Reddit

That left me in tears...I want to smush my face into his belly fur and tell him that everything will be OK. I don't care that I'm allergic to cats, it'd be worth the asthmatic wheezing and the itching eyes!

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Years ago I had a cat, named Frankie, that had that. He was the most affectionate, lovable, uncoordinated kitty you ever saw! He'd try to run, and go around a corner...and would just fall over. He couldn't jump worth a damn, so we'd lift him up where ever he needed or wanted to go. His head bobbed constantly, like he had parkinsons. Our vet said it was because he had had distemper when he was a tiny kitten. There was never any proof that he'd had distemper at all. Anyway, if you ever come across a kitty that shakes and bobs around like Charley and Frankie...give them a chance!
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Awww. I'm a guy's guy and even this brought me to tears. That cat is so adorable! *gush* Better make room folks cause I'm going to Hell as well since I laughed and snickered when he fell into his cat bed AND when he fell asleep sitting (part where you see his little tail in between his legs).

I just had to show this to everyone at work and we all gushed like fools. I'm happy to see that cat live in a good house. :D
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We had a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia a couple of years back. Let's just say it wasn't the most coordinated of cats, but it was definitely one of the most affectionate.

Thanks for the very moving video. Never mind laughing at the part where he falls into his bed - I'm sure he doesn't mind.
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Our Hospital just recently came into possession of "Sunny Speedracer", who is a 2 year old kitty with this very same condition. It breaks my heart each day when people come into our clinic to adopt cats and leave Sunny to the wayside because they automatically assume that he would be more difficult to care for...when his condition makes him (at least to me) the most adoptable quality about him! i love this video for the educational value it brings. Thanks!!
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I knew two kittens like that. I volunteer at a cat hospital, and I run across all kinds of cats, these two kittens were really funny!! They were rather squirmy when held, and sometimes could jump really well if they tried hard enough, but they were very sweet. They were found homeless, but now one of the people that work at the hospital adopted them, they are doing very well.
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> when his condition makes him (at least to me) the
> most adoptable quality about him! i love this video
> for the educational value it brings. Thanks!!

My thoughts precisely. It is nice to see the Internet actually showing something in a beautifully realistic, yet touching manner. Strange how cats are touching us so much about the world these days - first Oscar, now Charley. Not to mention LOLSpeak.
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How wonderful for Charley and his humans that they have each other, and how wonderful for us that they shared Charley with the world. Viva Charley!
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We have a stunningly beautiful black and white tuxedo cat who also has CH. His name is Clyde, and he came to us very, very young along with his sister (Bonnie -- what else?) Clyde could not walk at all; his hind legs just dragged. To get them used to us and our other animals, we kept them safe in a giant dog kennel for about a month, with lots of toys and a two-holer "cat apartment." Bonnie taught Clyde to climb, jump, and play (and use the litter pan!) just like she did. We called it therapy; the kittens called it fun! They're full grown now, and you can hardly tell that Clyde has a problem.
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