Stop War Shadow Grafitti

Spotted in Bloomington, Indiana, is this creative grafitti protesting the war. Way better than those ubiquitous "Stop Hammer Time" stickers:

The piece itself is was stenciled on the floor using a shadow cast by a light post at night, and later carefully sprayed with a ‘camouflage black’ can.

Image: counterclockwise [Flickr] - via connecting the dots

Regardless of the message it's still just graffiti that our tax dollars pay to remove. If the tagger feels so strongly about their convictions, tattoo them on their forehead, spray paint them on their own car or have t-shirts made. Leave public property alone
'cause you're spending my money for your opinions.
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is pretty neat. makes me think how people feel so helpless about what their country chooses to do - that they have to doodle it on the floor. perhaps tattooing it on mrs.bush's forehead might have a greater effect.
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i am more than happy to shell out tax dollars for the government to clean up graffiti like this. look at it as paying for short term advertising on your freedom of speech.
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Public space belongs to everyone. Despite its cleverness , it shows disrespect. Yes, some poor guy will have to clean it up. I'm all for freedom of speech, but not for people spray painting public property no matter how satisfied they are with the righteousness of their cause. Aside from all that, there's nothing persuasive about it, its not changing any minds. At most, it entertains those who are already in agreement, while billing taxpayers who didn't grant consent.
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Everyone seems so enthusiastic about volunteering their tax dollars to show solidarity with the political statement. But I assume you all would only be so generous for messages that YOU approve of. The problem I have is not just the drain of tax dollars, but the fact that formerly public (ie, neutral, belonging to all) property has been commandeered for a political cause. Its got nothing to do with how right or wrong the message is, its about not allowing the precedent of letting streets and stop signs be "owned" by whoever decides to do so.

So many of the people who get riled up when a municipality sets up a Nativity scene or ten commandments are nonchalant about turning a blind eye for this type of thing. Here's the solution: hands off govmn't property for all political messages - everybody.
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Gotcha ted - I suppose it's on the ground, but that quote came verbatim from the website (not that I needed help butchering the English language ...)

And I like Sid Morrison's cunningly sly idea of a making one say "Stop Vandalism". Ah, the irony that would be ...
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