Tattooed Fish

Singapore is now exporting ... tattooed fish!

At Steve's Wonderful World of Pets in Williamsville, N.Y., owner Steve Lane is selling tattooed fish for the first time. Some have polka dots, some have stripes and others even have pink hearts.

The fish are imported from Singapore. Lane believes they have to be restrained and then tattooed with a tattoo gun.

Four of the fish were brought and taken to the SPCA for their opinion.

Spokeswoman Gina Browning says the practice is not illegal as far as she knows, but they don't condone it. "Morally and ethically what we're looking at is incorrect. Any animal lover would agree, it's so unnatural," says Browning.


Tattoo or GE ??
GE fish owners treated 'like criminals'

Christchurch fish owners say they are being treated "like criminals" by Biosecurity New Zealand after officials destroyed genetically engineered (GE) tropical fish at their home yesterday.

Cashmere tropical-fish owners and breeders Tristan and Carissa Clements said they were surprised when Biosecurity officials told them their brightly coloured zebra danio fish were illegally genetically engineered.

Five Biosecurity officials and two security guards visited them yesterday to kill about 20 fish.

A total of 300 tropical fish from five Christchurch properties were destroyed.

Officials said the fish were "humanely euthanased".

Biosecurity was told of the GE fish after members of the public saw them for sale on an internet auction site.

Other danio species kept on properties with GE fish were also killed.
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Just like us humans to "fix" what ain't broke. It's just sooooo wrong to tattoo a friggin fish, and even worse monkeying around with genetics because we are jaded with the wonderful forms of life we have already.
Bailiff! Wack their peepees!
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well neutering/spaying is unnatural, yet caring pet owners realize it's for the much greater good...not that tatooing is for any greater good, just saying that if they wanted to make an argument, that was probably the weakest one they could have made other than "well it just looks ugly"...which it does.
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I Agree with Dr. Lao. I will boycott any LFS willing to sell this poor fish.

I grant this process is less destructive than the more common dyeing process of fish, but it is still worthlessly inhumane.

As for what Juliet says, your right. Branding cows is inhumane, clipping or bobbing a dog is inhumane, fishing is less of a problem for me, though I will not be engaging in any myself.

I grant any arguement over what is "natural" for fish is ridiculou; especially when I, as many others do, keep pet fish. However there is a level of responsibility in owning a pet that something like this clearly disregards. Until it is proven that this is painless and does not affect the fish's well being, why bother?
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This is probably one of the most stupid things ever done to fish. Branding or neutering other animals are also purely for human comfort, but making these alterations for aesthetics... plain stupid. Want a tattoo? Make it yourself, on yourself.
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Would be cute if no harm was done. I think this harms their health and shortens their lifespan. Sad. I have 6 aquariums and love keeping fish. I won't be buying these.
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The SPCA totally tattooed the ears of my dogs when I adopted them. That's still unnatural. They are using a flawed argument to combat something that truly is unethical. It's just unethical for other reasons.
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Yeah, the SPCA tattooing dogs or implanting microchips for that manner is unnatural but not a bad helps the owner and the pet, just like neutering/spaying.

Pure aesthetic alterations or unnecessary alterations (i.e. declawing a cat, plus what juliet noted) seem far more unethical than anything. oh what people will do for money...
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