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Homer and the Cerne Abbas Giant

Pagans are up in arms when a giant donut-brandishing Homer is painted next to the Cerne Abbas giant, a fertility symbol ... and they're not taking this lying down:

The painted Simpsons character has been painted with water-based biodegradable paint which will wash away as soon as it rains.

Ann Bryn-Evans, joint Wessex district manager for The Pagan Federation, said: "We were hoping for some dry weather but I think I have changed my mind.

"We'll be doing some rain magic to bring the rain and wash it away."

Link - via Major Spoilers, Thanks Jim Perry! (And the obligatory animated GIF by the folks at b3ta here: Link [crude humor, NSFWish] - via Boing Boing)

If belief is the 'power source' that gives a entity concept it's divinity, then Homer deserves to be there much more than this generic penis-warrior.

The age of something doesn't validate it (there are so many example of 'bad ideas' that are perpetuated today because 'its tradition!'). Ths consensus of humanity is much more powerful.
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My understanding was that it is extremely unlikely that the giant has anything to do with ancient pagans, or is ancient at all. Medieval writings about the area mention a hill next to the giant, but not the giant. It was probably made during the civil war, possibly as a parody of Cromwell. Of course, no one can convince the "pagans" of this.
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That's odd, I saw the giant and I though it was the prank. Drawing huge characters on the hill with a big fat erect penis and an ugly face seems sophomoric to me.

If the giant symbolizes fertility, then Homer Simpson symbolizes carpe diem and also appetite for donut.

Mmm... donut.
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This is just another classic peace of media misrepresentation. The Pagan Federation are a bunch of miserable so and sos who represent a fairly small portion of the UKs Pagan population. Amongst the groups I am involved with there has understandably been loads of debate about the issue.

The net oppinion that I have so far encountered is that this is hilarious. So long as no damage is done, most of us are happy that this exists. Anything that makes someone smile has to be a good thing.

Most of the guys also realise that the Cerne Abbas giant is a modern 'Folly' and not something acient. As for being a fertility symbol, the Cerne Abbas giant, has always looked to me like something someone would draw on the inside of a Toilet door. Homer is a far more accurate representation of most modern Pagans. He has a distinctly Bacchanalian element to him.

On a personal note i would like someone to tell Ms Bryn Evans to shut the hell up, and stop making us look like a bunch of Credulous Mysanthropes.
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