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Grapefruit Linked to Breast Cancer

A new study just linked grapefruit to breast cancer:

A study of 50,000 post-menopausal women found eating just a quarter of a grapefruit daily raised the risk by up to 30%.

The fruit is thought to boost levels of oestrogen - the hormone associated with a higher risk of the disease, the British Journal of Cancer reported.

Link (Image Credit: Muffet [Flickr]) - Thanks David R!

Jeeeze... you just can't win! Heres this supposedly healthy fruit, which lots of woman eat as part of a healthy low-cal breakfast when trying to loose weight, totally unsuspecting, and *BAM*...cancer for you!
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Yeah, and last week there was a report about how smoking helps against heart disease or something.

I wouldn't trust anything that news agencies or research compaines publish. They are paid to report stuff by their advertisers or whoever funded their research. Neither group can be expected to publish results that their sponsors would take offence with.
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"loose weight"? How come nobody knows how to spell "lose" anymore? Did I.Q. levels drop sharply when they invented the internet?

See also: "their" - or "there" - for "they're"; "your" for "you're"; and a fair few others I don't care to remember right now (or to see ever again).
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What does the above comment about someone's spelling have to do with the article on cancer? I think you should get the stick out of your ass and overlook others small faults because you have bigger problems than that if you feel you must point out others.
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I'd rather deal with people prone to typos, and improper punctuation than someone who comes across as a pompous ass, any day of the week. ^_^
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Aw, lighten up guys - Becki's got a point. But since this is Neatorama, you'll most likely continue to see typso, improper punctuations; and grammar bad.
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"I could care less" and "I couldn't care less" mean the same thing. Google it.

"I could..." has a sarcastic tone to it.

Becki is right that our spelling is falling apart. Why, I can remember when people used to spell her name "Becky".


Is "loose" a verb at all? In "Let loose the dogs of war", it's an adjective. You could say "I loosed my bowels", or "Inga loosened her bodice". uh - where was I? Something about grapefruits...
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