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Reduce Global Warming by Making Cows Burp Less

Forget reducing energy consumption of your mansion and private jet - here's the key to reduce global warming:

Using modern plant-breeding methods to find new diets for cows that make them belch less is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, scientists reported this week.

He noted the average dairy cow belches out about 100 to 200 litres of methane each day, making diet changes a key potential factor in reducing this greenhouse gas.

"There is a common misperception about how methane gets into the atmosphere," he said. "It is actually through belching rather than the other end."


Brandon Says:
Or people could eat less meat.
I somehow doubt that would happen.

Yes, because after 100,000 years of evolution we suddenly dont need to eat animals anymore.

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We're omnivores. We eat both plants and meat. If I have to pick, I'm pretty sure it's easier to survive on plant only than on meat only diet.

Not saying we should stop eating meat, but doing so is less detrimental than the other way around.
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anyone who thinks a few cow burps or farts for that matter have any factoring into "climate change" is an idiot and another of those 'fear mongers' People really need to THINK and not just accept what they are begin told... ppl are making money off your fears. There is climate change happening, but to what the cause may be???? that's still up in the air... I for one think this is just a natural change happening to our earth, whether it's polar shift or solar system hiccup, perhaps a shift in our sun. perhaps reality is more scarey that the fairy tail that some are selling you... and they are making money on you.
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Why do you do that? Do you call people names in public or am I ignorant for assuming that common courtesy could exist over the internet?

Right, vegetarians are stupid. Your point has been noted and I thank you for sharing. My point is that one could maybe swap a greasy burger a few days in the week for some pasta or something. Nothing worth getting upset about!

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Termites are another major producer of methane, but their existance can't be blamed on humanity, thus the enviroweeners will never talk about termites. Idiots.
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Well, I agree with Brandon, but I don't want to be called a twit by the carnivores...

Amazing how the issue of climate change brings out the bitch in every ignorant hick, isn't it?
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Ouch! Cheap shots flying left and right.

I don't think it's the issue of climate change that bothers Ron, but the thought that people with condescending attitudes take at face value any idea that seems to agree with their preconceived notions and make it an excuse to push their agenda on people.

For this example, the vegetarian Garden of Eden, where everybody stops eating meat, and anybody who disagrees is branded a "carnivore" or an "ignorant hick". Don't get caught up in your own bias, L.

Brandon's reply was good enough.
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Such fools these Global Warming people are. On the Atlantic ocean floor is Methane Hydrate. There is more Methane released in ONE YEAR there that mammals release in 5 YEARS!
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haha L says he dosn't want to be called a twit, then turns around and calls people "carnivores" and "Ignorant hicks".

Mmmm Hypocritical tastiness.
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