Reasons to learn Photoshop.

Absolutely Bananas has "5 reasons why EVERYONE should know how to Photoshop their head onto someone else's body." Reason number four:
4. Because you wouldn't want your children to know THE TRUTH about how you spent your younger years (knitting and sipping tea? Come ON!) With Photoshop, your history is yours for the making! Goodbye boring momma, hello fab new me!

Includes a link to a Photoshop tutorial. Link -via Look at This

Haha that's really good stuff.

I used to always cringe when I lived at school when I'd see kids using Microsoft Paint to try and put someone's head on someone else's body. You can still see a lot of it in Facebook groups and stuff. It's all jagged and there's still so much background in it.
I used to aspire to holding "Photoshop Your friends Face on the Oddly Shaped Person's Body" classes in my dorm hall. But I could never get enough signatures.
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It would be better if it actually looked believable, every one of those pictures suffers from either color/light errors, angle errors or masking errors which makes them stand out like sore thumbs. Lesson one in matching faces to pictures, make sure that the angles the faces are at are the same and that light fall from the same angle. You'll never pass an image that's taken from the front with a flash as a real part of an image taken from a different angle with natural light coming from the side.

That's the problem I guess, without sounding elitist, that people think it's easy to do and act like they're masters after one day of learning the program. Sure it's easy to grasp the basics, but you'll be spending considerable time if you want to make something that actually looks good and believable.
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...and I don't get why she doesn't work with masks instead of using the polygonal lasso tool. It's not strange that she doesn't appear able to achieve a natural blend between the faces and the pictures.
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