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Cutest puppy ever?

A puppy with a heart-shape spot in its fur was born in May in Japan. Breeder Emiko Sakurada has no plans to sell "Heart-kun".,23599,22050638-2,00.html -via Fark

Probably shopped. Possibly just photographed at just the right angle. When puppy stands up, maybe the bottom widens out.
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I think this could be authentic lol. Or you could just dye the fur. Wish it were another breed other than a chihuahua though. They're like overgrown rats.
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why does no one want to believe its actually possible in nature and not only in photoshop? i agree, it COULD be shopped, but its not the first thing my mind jumps to... i guess the internet ruins everything.
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I have a Jack Russell Terrorist who has a heart shaped spot on his back. It was clear when he was a pup but now that his coat is growing out its less distiguishable.

And he is much cuter than this guy!
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My puppy had no heart shaped patches (or patches shaped like any pictograpic) and he's was still cuter than this puppy by a mile. I think most other puppy breads without hearts would be then lil' bug eyes here.
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well I don't think this dog is that cute,
maybe in an ugly way!idk

um but this dog is so cute, you have got to see this video!! she is the cutest dog in the whole world!!!
check it out
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That is a really UGLY dog. Not trying to be rude but a little shih tzu or any other fluffy dog is WAY cuter then that thing. Look at it's eyes i mean really? He's cute but yeah I have to agree with landy it's cute in a ugly way. I'm really sorry if I seem mean. Im not. FAR for it. Love the heart patch on it though ven if it's fake it's cool. Not being mean but yeah its ugly. But cute since it's not mine...
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