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Plymouth Rock: America's Saddest Monument.

You've heard of Plymouth Rock, right? It is the site where the Mayflower Pilgrims landed to establish a colony which later led to the formation of the United States.

But did you know that Plymouth Rock is actually a piece of rock, supposedly located where the Pilgrims actually first set foot on land? In the 1700s, people carved "1620" - the year the Pilgrims came to America.

The rock had kind of a sad history:

During the Rock's many journeys throughout the town of Plymouth numerous pieces of the Rock were taken, bought and sold. Today approximately 1/3 of the top portion remains. It is estimated that the original Rock weighed 20,000 lb. Although some documents indicate that tourists or souvenir hunters chipped it down, no pieces have been noticeably removed since 1880.

And as if that's not bad enough, some people described it as "the most disappointing landmark in America" because of its small size and poor visitor access.

Link: Plymouth Rock [wiki]

"....some people described it as "the most disappointing landmark in America" because of its small size and poor visitor access."

And then there's that unappealing wholesale slaughter of an entire continents' indigenous peoples thing. But the parking sucks!
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And, too, if memory serves, it's dubious whether or not the rock is "the" rock, as it wasn't identified as such until many decades later, by a very elderly Pilgrim who essentially said, "Uh, that might be the one, I think..."
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The Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, England is much cooler.

Also, that whole Mayflower thing was a fluke. There were already Americans and a government flourishing on the continent at a little place called Jamestown, which just celebrated its 400th anniversary.
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we were taught in high school that the plymouth rock story was a hoax. apparently it was originally found too far inland(i think that is the story) to have been the original landing point for the pilgrims.
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Many people around the world have been effected and deeply saddened by the establishment of the United States of America. This rock is just a starting point for worldwide grief.
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Oh Trevor, you pathetic little lifeform. Many have been BLESSED by the formation of this nation. What sorry propaganda have you suckled on son?
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I came to read this post's comments specifically to see how long it would take until a reply like artbot's appeared. And it was the first one!

Liberals never pass up a cheap shot at anything to do with badmouthing America or Western civilization. My faith in human predictability is strengthened thanks to artbot. Thanks, artbot!
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Those who find it disappointing or "pathetic and boring" are lacking in imagination.

It's not magical: it's a symbol, and a tourist trap. It's not Niagara Falls. It's a rock. But maybe you could look at it through less cynical eyes, and not as an excuse to flaunt your hate-filled political beliefs and agendas.

The Mayflower replica (right beside the rock) is a strange and curious disappointment because it's so small. You have to wonder how they traveled in such a confined space.

And Jamestown is cool, too.
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Well, live the rock alone, take your car, go South and drive up Manomet Point. There enjoy the view, enter the Lobster Pound and buy the best clam chowder in New England!

(note: I am not related to those guys, I'm just a happy customer ;)
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I always thought the most disappointing tourist attraction was the Odessa Meteor Crater in Texas:

Plymouth Rock looks worse, though.
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i know how to remedy this problem: one world PLYMOUTHCOASTER. and also an ambitious plan to make plymouth rock larger than mount rushmore. all proceeds will go to a fund that will attempt to raise money for beads so that native americans can buy back america from amerrica. of course, the price of a seventeenth century bead is far different from a twentieth century bead.

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